The "Dangerous Books for Boys" Series

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The "Dangerous Books for Boys" Series
Discover things, learn a lot and have fun
25L04.01 “Things To Do”

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25L04.02 “Things to Know”

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25L04.10 Set of Both Dangerous Books

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Needless to say, there's nothing "dangerous" about these - just full of exciting and wonderful discoveries to come. There's more than a little bit of Huckleberry Finn here. Entitled "Things To Do" and "Things to Know" the book covers say it all. Full of "secret" information and mysteries, they are an endless wonder for growing boys - and we expect that since much has changed since 1882, a lot of girls will be avid readers too.

How about Spies-Codes & Ciphers Making a Battery, Building a Workbench, Sampling Shakespeare, Skipping Stones, Fishing, Dog Tricks, Juggling - it's all here, plus lots and lots more. These are the ultimate anti-TV, anti-couch potato book, answering the question "What's there to do?" Made in the USA.

Knives shown are not included and are no longer available.

There is also a companion volume: Daring Books for Girls

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Overall Rating
  • Keep the boys busy!

    Joey, 12/25/2019 Right from the beginning. Useful and informative.
  • Nice books, tacky-looking labels ruin the cover

    Rich Weinkauf, 5/17/2018 Cool books, fun stuff inside, although none of it is really dangerous. The books themselves are well-bound, use heavy, quality paper and really look like something timeless on your bookshelf. My only complaint, and this is a big one, is the large, barcode/price sticker affixed to the rear outer cover of each book. The "Things to Know" book had one that just came right off easily. The "Things to Do" book had one with sticky adhesive, that tore and couldn't be removed in a nice way. Actually damaged the rear hardcover with its adhesive that soaked into the cover. Looks REALLY tacky- can't give that one as a gift anymore, it looks like hell.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Dangerous Books for Boys Series. We're sorry to hear of the damage from the sticker, and will be contacting you shortly about it. We appreciate your bringing this to our attention so it can be addressed with the manufacturer. Again, we apologize and hope to resolve this for you.
  • Great compilation of ideas and information for young, growing, maturing minds!

    Dan Richardson, 4/15/2018 Perfect gift for my two young great nephews. They are full of energy, love playing games, "fixing" things, and exploring outdoors. They don't spend time watching TV nor playing with electronic devices so these are perfect for them. It will also encourage their friends to "get up and move" rather than sit and stare!
  • Fascinating Information!

    Veronica Freschi, 12/8/2016 What a great find! I know my Grandson will love these two volumes. Even my husband wanted to read them before I wrapped them for Christmas. They both are so unique and presented so clearly they will continue to foster my grandson's love of reading!

    BILL C. SELF, 12/4/2016 Okay ... we bought these for the Grand kids. BUT when we unpacked them, the two of us sat down and spent most of the afternoon reading these exceptional books. We're in our seventies, and these books were incredibly interesting! Absolutely exceptional! Then when the G Kids started looking through them, they disappeared for the rest of the day (on their beds, reading). Grandpa, did you know ..... " Time after time they both shared fun and great items of knowledge. EXTREMELY WELL WRITTEN and SOMETHING ALL KIDS OF TODAY NEED! Highy recommended!

  • Nice Gift

    Vincent, 11/14/2016 Great idea for a Christmas gift to young men.
  • Good Advice

    Robert Rueckert, 1/29/2015 I can't wait to hear the response when the grandchildren find out how Bop got so smart.
  • Back to the Basics

    Official, 12/21/2014 These two books cover training dogs to stories about Life Learning Facts. The boys in this world today want everything now. The things in this book slow down the wants and teach the basic skills of learning patience and you get out of it what you put into it. Great for sons and son in laws.
  • Christmas Gifts

    M. Odom, 12/14/2014 These books as well as the Daring for Girls" are Christmas Gifts and their mother loved the books - hopefully the kids will too! My husband looked at both series and was very impressed with them."
  • Fantastic Fun

    Sharon Weeaks, 12/15/2013 I have only browsed this book as I bought a half dozen or so as gifts for young friends but the ideas and projects are the best way I can think of to limit our kids' time in front of various kinds of screens. A boon for parents.
  • Books

    Jim, 12/14/2013 Ordered the books for nephew for Christmas. After reviewing I am sure he will be delighted with them.
  • Book

    Patrick, 1/2/2013 A Dangerous Book for middle age men as well.
  • Great for Boys

    Brian W. Bean, 1/2/2013 I bought these as a set for Christmas for my son. We have completed some projects and he has loved them.
  • Enjoyable Read for Young and Old Alike!

    Susan, 10/24/2011 Purchased these books for my son and am finding them highly enjoyable myself. Makes a wonderful gift for the boy who has everything. And they look great on the bookshelf! Authentically vintage-inspired.
  • Old-Fashion Fun

    ERIC JOHNSON, 1/28/2011 I am very satisfied with the quality of your products. I have purchased these books for my 5 year old grandson. In this day of video games and computers the books give myself and my grandson time to learn and spend time together. I highly recommended these publications for families. They're just good old-fashion practical fun.
  • Fun Books

    Carole Cackowski, 12/27/2010 Books are fun. Each Item just long enough to hold your interest and then its done.
  • Happiness

    Carole Cackowski, 12/27/2010 A beautiful knife that brought happiness of both ownership and great old memories to my husband. That made it worth every cent.
  • Boys books on Review

    Theodore Davison, 12/21/2010 I bought the Dangerous Books for Boys for my Grandson to enable the use of his imagination which is not powered by batteries nor does it need a cord to run it. Should give him a lifetime of entertainment and bring some new adventures when needed. Thanks for the wonderful service. "
  • good ideas

    Gloria, 12/7/2010 Great ideas and information for today's children. They harken back to a day when we did not depend on TV and computers for our recreation and entertainment. Will get the kids moving!
  • dangerous books for boys

    Helen Stayton, 12/1/2010 Our gandson has read the book cover to cover and is now doing the projects. Very good book for helping teach young men how to be creative and how education can help them be more successful.
  • Set of Both Dangerous Books

    Frank P, 12/30/2009 Filled with practical and useful information (and some not) which lends to new ideas and know-how. Well made bindings.
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