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Clearance The French "Douk-Douk" Knife
These knives have a storied & somewhat mythic history
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12T01.02 Large Douk Douk Knife

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Famous in the former French colonies for over 70 years and used recently for decades by the Army and in the French Foreign Legion, these are tough.

Nothing fancy about them; just real working, single-blade knives. The handles are gunsmith-style ferro-blackened folded steel. The blades are high carbon steel, hardened to Rc 50-53 and slightly hollow-ground using water grinding wheels. Blade thickness 3.0mm, and blade length is 3-1/8".

Because they are relatively light and flat, they are great for the pants pocket. Their robustness makes them exceptional for any toolbox. Neat tools for sure. Made in France.
Making the "Douk-Douk"
Large Douk Douk Knife Specs
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Carbon Steel
Handle Material:

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34 reviews 0 5 4.7
Overall Rating
  • Not quite

    Mike, 11/7/2017 The picture and description looks and says blackened folded steel..but mine looked painted black??? Not the look I wanted...
  • Perfect Stocking Stuffer for the Knife Afficionado

    Kimberly Stelly, 12/25/2016 I bought this Douk-Douk knife for my husband as a stocking stuffer. I, of course, was enamored with it's beautifully etched design, on both the blade and the scales, and the lovely history of the knife - I was hoping the quality was a match. As usual, Garrett Wade did not let me down. My husband, an avid knife collector, was impressed with my choice, and proceeded to tell me of this knife's storied history and construction. The knife came in perfect condition, greased and sharp, with the perfect tension and a locking tab for EDC. Despite a general ignorance of bladed weaponry, this knife was a sure bet and a great buy!
  • Sturdy, handsome, & easy on the pocket

    Emily Buckhannon, 9/29/2016 I bought a Douk-Douk knife for my husband & each of his two brothers. They love this knife because it is a very handsome knife with a razor-sharp blade. And the super-slim profile means they can carry it in their pockets and not even notice it is there. The engravings are tastefully done and elegantly reflect the interesting history the this knife comports.
  • Just what I expected

    Davir, 9/16/2016 Great knife to add to my collection with a nice historic past. I've used it several times, very sharp and well made.
  • Just as advertised

    todzyla, 5/7/2016 Very sharp and well made. A great piece of history as well.
  • Simple, tough, good knife.

    Andy, 11/2/2015 The blade lengths shown are the sharpened part of the blade; the blade on the large model is 3.65". Very thin handle with a strong spring, and a tough blade that is easy to sharpen.
  • Very Pleased

    Mike Msdon, 6/11/2015 A great knife, added to my collection. Fits well in pocket nice to carry. Its different and I'm very pleased with it.
  • Buddy Knife

    Mike, 2/5/2015 Like a good buddy, this knife is always there but you really don't notice it but it's always there when you need it.
  • Classy

    Ronnie, 1/15/2015 Ive been looking for the Douk Douk knives for a while.Garrett Wade had them and they were in perfect condition. I received them quickly and packaged so they wouldn't get damaged. I will use this site again, no doubt about that. They also have great stuff for my hobbies. Thankfully yours Ronnie
  • Neat Knife!

    Eric, 10/5/2014 I bought the large Douk Douk. It arrived quickly in good condition and razor sharp out of the box. I like to collect knives and recently decided to start buying folding knives from around the world. I don't buy show knives,I buy knives to use, so the Douk Douk was perfect for me. It has a great historical story and it is a very sturdy and useful knife. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a rugged knife on hand.
  • History

    Hatem Kheir, 7/18/2014 You feel you carry your grand father knife, the one you left it to you to carry, its not easy to open, but safe when close, when I use it, every one think I have original 50 years old one.
  • Great Knife

    Marianne, 6/1/2014 This was a gift for my husband, and he was super excited to receive it. Quite different from what he's used to, and I have a feeling there might be more Douk Douks coming.
  • Small and Handy

    Alicia, 12/18/2013 I got the both of the knives, one for my husband and one for myself. We're used to bigger pocket knives, but I absolutely love how skinny these are, especially the blade. I had thought the design on the blade was etched in, but its a print. The design on the handle is, though.
  • Cool little knives!

    Paul Zempel, 9/13/2013 Great little knives. The steel is just the right hardness to keep an edge but still be easily sharpened. The blade doesn't lock, but the spring is strong enough that I'm not worried about it closing unintentionally. And how cool is it that this is the same knife carried by the French Foreign Legion? The story alone is worth the price!
  • Best Knife for the Pocket

    Jesse Plaster, 4/10/2013 I'm on my fourth or fifth Douk Douk. I'm absentminded and I tend to lose things. These knives simple, basic and perfect. The carbon-steel blade holds a great edge, they're 1/8 thick so they're great in the pocket. Rust isn't an issue, if they're used regularly - I carry it every day. I sharpen with a 1000 grit diamond butterfly sharpener and have never missed a keen edge. Fantastic knife, think I'll order another for the next time it gets lost."
  • Great fit for pocket

    Brian W. Bean, 1/1/2013 I purchased four of these for Christmas gifts. The fit great in your pocket, they are sharp and durable.
  • Great knife but very dull.

    James, 4/4/2012 The knives appeared that they would be functional once sharpened, and that despite the dullness on arrival I did not regret the purchase. Despite the issues with the product, the customer support was fantastic in their attempt to rectify the situation.
  • Simple and brilliant

    Glenn S., 2/15/2012 The design and construction of this knife is so simple, yet so utterly strong and dependable that it's hard to imagine how it could be improved. Though this is a slipjoint knife, and therefore the blade does not have a lock to keep it from closing, the spring is so strong that it takes an effort to close the knife, reducing the chances of it accidentally closing on the user's fingers. The blade is carbon steel, holds an edge and is a great slicer. Best of all, the knife is so flat and thin that it is unobtrusive in a pants pocket or shirt pocket. I like the smaller Douk Douk for everyday carry because it is so unobtrusive, but when deployed, it is a serious blade. The unusual blade shape, the fact that it's French, and that it has Polynesian-flavored etching on the handle gives it an air of exoticism that can't be beat. Oh, and for a knife of this quality, the price can't be beat. A great gift for birthdays, Christmas and Father's Day.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thanks! We love this knife for all the same reasons you mentioned.  It is a handsome knife and heirloom quality.
  • Douk Douk - God of Doom

    Sam Zeveloff, 8/28/2011 A unique folding knife that is functional, low-priced, and durable. Gaston Cognet and his company created the Douk Douk in Thiers, France in 1927, the year that Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs! The family still makes this knife, a testament to its quality. (Since then, the Babe's record has been broken a few times, though Roger Maris is still not in the Hall of Fame!). The handle is made of sheet steel folded into a U shape; it encloses a spring which holds the blade open or closed. The knife is assembled with two pins. One forms the blade pivot and the other secures the spring and the steel loop for a lanyard, should you choose to do attach one. The strong spring holds the blade securely closed, at 90 degrees, as well as open. The handle is engraved with artwork: an image of a mystical sorcerer called Douk Douk." He is the God of Doom in French Polynesia. The versatility of this knife makes it the perfect addition to any pocket, workshop, or tool bag. The blade length is 83 mm; its overall length (open) is 200 mm; the blade thickness is 3 mm; its weight is 66 g. It is an incredible and incomparable item!"
  • I give them as gifts

    Alex, 5/28/2011 I keep giving them away as gifts because they are simply the best pocket knife you can buy for peanuts- they sharpen razor sharp on the base of a coffee mug, take up almost no space in the pocket and are TOUGH and COOL LOOKING. I keep having to buy new ones here (other sites i've seen have several hundred percent mark up on the correct price!!!Google Douk Douk and see if you dont believe me!) Best pocket knife for an adult or VERY resposnible older kid- only knife I like better is the wood handle Opinel- but the Douk is a way tougher work knife IMO.
  • Performance is Stunning

    Patrick, 2/4/2011 I purchased two of these knives to do field tests on . I teach outdoor survival , primitive living and search and rescue . The Douk Douk is a solid performer! Perhaps the best folding knife I own . The steel is the absolute greatest for edge retention. The perfect outdoor knife . What a bargain this knife is . It out performs knives that cost 5 times as much !
  • Dr.

    Frank Salimeno, 12/31/2010 It's a well made basic pocket knife. Looks and feels like it will last forever. It cuts and pries without any signs of damage.
  • Adding to his collection

    Nita Hall, 12/19/2010 This is an attractive knife, plus it's sturdy and well made. My husband has a big collection of knives, almost all ornate. This will be sort of" part of his collection, but also a utility knife that he can carry flat in his pocket. I am very pleased. Thank you. Nita Hall"
  • Douk Douk Knife

    Dan, 12/15/2010 I received my introduction to the Douk Douk 27 years ago serving as a Marine in Beirut, Lebanon. I received one, as a trade for a P-38 (John Wayne) can opener, from a French Paratrooper. Long story short… I've carried and used this little knife for the past 27 years. Over the years it has seen its share of use and abuse but, sadly it's time to retire my little friend. For those thinking of purchasing a simple everyday caring knife look no further. The quality of these knives is excellent, old school “Carbon Steel” and simple construction (only six parts). Comparing the two, the construction of the current production Douk Douk has remained constant; same material, same construction. As another reviewer stated, “Simple, Elegant, and Sturdy.” I have no doubt my replacement will last as long as my first.
  • French Folding Knife

    MOTORHEAD, 10/29/2010 A really great knife for the is tight on open & closure, it is similar to a German k55k lockback folder, I would purchase another one...
  • Great camp knife!

    W.D.Smith, 4/17/2010 This is a great knife for camping and backpacking.There is an exciting history to this knife dating back to the 1920s,very easy to sharpen.Rides well in the pocket.Wipe down with oiled cloth to prevent rusting,like you would your gun.
  • Simple

    H.Humbert, 4/17/2010 sharp and sturdy.
  • Douk Douk Delight

    T Blackwood, 4/15/2010 I collect and use knives; this is one of my favorites, from its name, material, to the design on the case. Some force is required to open it but then it is worth the small effort for its wide variety of uses. Beauty is in its sturdy simplicity too
  • Don't let the low price dissuade you

    J.F., 1/14/2010 I bought the 2 pc set a couple of years ago and couldn't be happier. These knives take an amazingly sharp edge. More importantly, they hold it and are easy to sharpen. These are much better knives than the cheap, Chinese made pocket knives so prevalent in the market today. The French make some fantastic knives. These, and the Opinel ring-lock knives are great examples of affordable, high quality, well made, extremely useful, simple pocket knives. If you're looking for the latest ninja/nazi/swatcop/rambo knife, don't get these. However, if you're looking for a cutting tool that does the job very well and actually holds a good edge, this is the knife for you.
  • Best Beater Knife" I've ever had"

    Peter, 12/3/2009 Excellent. I classify my knives as nice knives" and "beater knives". I pretty much beat up and burn through my beater knives. The Douk Douk is hands down the best beater knife I've ever had. I've used it to cut dry wall, butcher deer and open bottles. The blade sharpens quickly (I've even used a smooth rock out of the river to sharpen it and it works nicely) and most importantly the blade does not chip...even when prying more than I should. Rock solid and I highly recommend it. One draw back is that it's hard on the hand when using it hard, but the benefits more than make up for it."
  • douk-douk knives

    Rod Smith, 10/26/2009 I've owned a lot of pocket knives over the years some inexpensive and some very expensive but none as good as this douk-douk. If what you are looking for is just good plain old hammer forged carbon steel in a very sturdy handle then you need look no further. These things are built like tanks and I am sure they will take all the abuse a normal person would expose a pocket knife to and then some. They ain't pretty but they work.
  • Dependable and Well-Constructed

    Jay L., 10/6/2009 Simple, elegant, and sturdy. Perfect for carrying in a pocket, as it's so slim, and it keeps a razor edge if you so choose. I'm very happy with mine for general tasks.
  • Douk-Douk Knife

    Ross Brunetti, 7/7/2009 They're not made with 66 Rockwell Unobtanium, they can't be opened by just thinking about it, and (gasp!) they don't lock open. If the task at hand involves a lot of heavy cutting* and/or slick liquids, then look elsewhere - the grips aren't ergonomic or grippy.
    What they do is not take up much space in a pocket or remove much money from a wallet, and cut ordinary stuff, like a pocket knife should. The square-ended blade design that holds the blade open much more strongly than other non-locking designs is just simple engineering at its finest.
    * By heavy cutting", I mean things like cutting the ribs away from the sternum when field dressing deer. "
  • one of a kind

    Tom F., 5/18/2009 Makes a good gift.
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