Fireplace Companion Set

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Fireplace Companion Set
70B04.30 Fireplace Companion Set

Available 02/15/2021


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For the admirer of the great outdoors, we paired together our best-selling Swiss Army camping hatchet and sheath, with a box of 16 fire starters and a pack of storm-proof matches.

The Swiss Army Hatchet is small enough to toss into a backpack or bag for your next camping trip, and is great for splitting kindling, chopping small logs, etc. Use the poll to drive stakes or straighten bent tent poles. The handle is 15-1/2” long and the head weighs 2-1/4 lbs.

The Wax Fire Starters are 3" long bundles of wax-impregnated wood sticks, with a candle wick embedded in both ends. They burn aggressively for about 15 minutes and make easy work of starting your woodstove, fireplace or campfire. Includes 16 pieces.

The Storm-Proof Matches are the apex of safety matches. An unusually long 2”, they are easy to light and will even relight themselves after being submerged in water or buried in dirt. The 15 second burn time ensures whatever you're lighting will catch fire. Included are 25 matches in a plastic case with striker.
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  • Hearth fires made east

    Tina, 12/9/2019 Perfect size for those of us who are not lumberjacks ????. Starting the wood stove is soooo much easier with fire starters.
  • A Great Hatchet for Camping

    WILLIAM, 8/6/2019 The handle on this hatchet is a couple of inches longer that my previous hatchet (15 3/4" overall) and feels really good in my hand. It should work quite well in and around camp. However, the leather blade cover is an "SOB" to get snapped and I hope that it loosens up a bit with use.
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