The Perfect Balanced Short Bladed Machete

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The Perfect Balanced Short Bladed Machete
75A01.24 Short Bladed Machete

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We’ve taken our popular Small Personal Machete and improved it. The shape of the short powerful blade is unchanged, but we’re using a tougher grade of steel. The handle is now made of Pakkawood, a resin hardened, weather-resistant, composite wood. We’ve added a bolster to keep your grip in place – no matter how hard you swing. Go to town on weeds and branches, this machete can take it. Combined with its superb leather sheath, this is an awe-inspiring tool. Overall length is 16½". Blade length 10½". For a Limited Time Save $10.00.

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  • Beautiful Tool...

    John, 11/21/2020 This is a BEAUTIFUL tool ! I was debating whether or not to buy it due to the price, however not everything in life should be purchased at the giant chain store. Twice as heavy as a less expensive machete, however this thing will last you a lifetime. The tip is a nice design. You can get all the power into the small tip if needed.
  • Great tool for work

    SR, 4/14/2020 Loving this knife! Been splitting and hacking away at green bamboo for a few days and it’s a lovely tool to work with. Heavy but well balanced. Came nice and sharp, I actually cut though part of the sheath while resheathing, but it is a nice leather sheath all the same. Makes quick work of brambles and branches. Will be great for cutting trails as well.
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