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this one is a real problem-solver
49M01.06 Packing Tape Dispenser

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49M01.10 Packing Box Set

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Like a lot of you, this writer has had a lot of experience sealing boxes and packages with standard, 2" wide, self-adhesive packaging tape. Commercial hand-held “tape-guns” work okay but are bulky and heavy. The ready-to-use DIY products you can typically get in a stationary store or home center are universally terrible, because they are flimsy and don’t control the cut-off end of the tape. Makes you really frustrated – right? This Japanese-designed DIY hand-held “tape-gun” works like a champ and uses readily available 2" wide tape. It’s comfortable to hold and fast to use because the cut-off tape end stays ready to instantly grab the box with the next swipe. And tear-off is a cinch. Very highly recommended. Will make you happy to have it the first time you use it. (Roll of tape shown not included.) The Packing Box Set includes both the Package Sealer and the Universal Package Opener.

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Overall Rating
  • tape dispenser

    Steven, 11/3/2019 i've wanted one of this design for a long time. works well.
  • solidly built

    Malley John, 12/13/2018 used once . did a good job
  • The Very Best Packing Tape Dispenser

    Kay McGuire, 1/23/2017 After years of fighting the old tape gun everyone at the frame shop agrees that this tape dispenser is a winner. Great new design.
  • Great dispenser

    Scott, 1/3/2017 Performs as expected. Made well. Sturdy construction.
  • Works great

    Denis Curtiss, 12/9/2016 I find that this works great for my purpose. I am very happy with this purchase.
  • A better mouse trap

    mike dulak, 12/9/2016 After years of struggling with the 'depot' style dispensers this, well thought and simple design' works so much better. Its ease of use is lovely.
  • Close but no cigar...

    Felix Cartagena, 11/4/2016 This item is well made but does have a design flaw. The metal roller that the sticky side of the tape rides on is 3/8 of an inch too short for the post it is mounted. As a result it slides back and forth, with the tape frequently sticking to the mounting post. Then you have to pull off a section of damaged tape and start again. Really annoying and a waste of tape. Simple fix is a properly sized roller.
  • Disapointed

    DEAN, 6/20/2016 I was eagerly waiting for this dispenser to arrive. I tore open the box put a roll of tape in & to my disappointment it didn’t give me “WOW” this is great, it is well made and looks great and sort of works.

    I even tried three different tape brands without any improvement. The cheap ones from the USPS that work better than the Garrett Wade 49M01.06 does. I was going to return the dispenser, however; with the original shipping of $10.50 plus the $12 + to return would be a dollar more than the original dispenser costs. It is now in the donation box waiting to be picked up.

    I have purchased a number of items from Garrett Wade and have always been satisfied until now.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We are sorry to see your negative review of the Packing Tape Dispenser . Our experience with it has been very positive, but we do certainly respect that it is not working for you. Since you are not satisfied, please take advantage of our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. Use the merchandise return label that came in the box or contact us to arrange the return for a full refund. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • worth the money

    philip, 6/12/2016 works really nice
  • Well Worth It

    Jill Cogburn, 3/31/2016 Wow. I didn't think I could love a tape dispenser, but I love this one! I've purchased way too many of the 'gun' types, trying to find one that rolled the tape smoothly. This one is awesome! Well worth the money since I will use it for years.
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