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Sale Thread Snip Special (1)
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30C01.77 Thread Snip Special (1)

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Only 4" long, these are gripped just behind the blades for great control, and the internal spring opens them once you cut. It's a simple tool with a multitude of uses. Works just like a small pair of spring-loaded scissors. Much faster than unfolding a small penknife for a little snip or cut. All steel. Made in Taiwan.

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Overall Rating
  • A great tool for that snipping job.

    Howard , 10/18/2020 A great price for a wonderful snipper. Works like a champ, be mindful it is sharp and accurate. A great add any sewing kit or to use with the speedy sticher.
  • Quality product

    Bob Frink, 10/9/2020 Fantastic value! Bought to go with my wife's crochet kit. Sharp, compact and reliable.
  • Very Sharp

    Ron, 10/9/2020 great for loose threads
  • Awesome

    Bill walters, 10/6/2020 Exceptional value. And for a couple of bucks, unbeatable. Would reccomend.
  • sturdy, sharp and convenient

    Linda Hamilton, 9/23/2020 handy scissors, made well. bought several to use in different places. good price
  • Great value!

    Robert, 9/20/2020 Great price on some sturdy, handy little shears. I may order more for friends.
  • A cut above the rest :-)

    Suzi, 9/19/2020 for $2, this is steal !son used it to open his box of other Garrett Wade gifts I sent him for his birthday
  • sturdy sharp and convenient

    Mary Krystine, 9/13/2020 love these little scissors. What a deal! I should have bought 3 pair. They are really well made and sharp. Perfect right next to my sewing machine.
  • Thread snip wonder

    keith Labecki, 9/11/2020 What a great stocking stuffer for wife and family! A fantastic nearly weightless addition to any first aid kit and even a suitable rendezvous blanket shoot prize for black powder shooting. I bought 20!
  • Nice to have handy

    William Turner, 8/26/2020 Been looking for something like these for awhile. Purchased them as a quick add-on to my order and very glad I did! They are sharp and easy to use. They will even cut a stray broken fingernail Very convenient tool !
  • Good buy

    Kurt Moses, 8/8/2020 Sharp, well balanced, works as indicated. Good quality.
  • Great for the money

    Andrew Lyle, 8/8/2020 These clippers are well made and are an excellent value.
  • Great travel thread snipper for needle work!

    Peggy Hardinge, 8/8/2020 Light, well made and handy. I got one for myself and four more as stocking presents for my daughters in law (if I can wait that long to share them). I sew almost every day both at home and on the road. These will go in my on-the-road case instead of my expensive thread snippers and will do as good a job. Great for minute detail work for crafts, too. Very sharp and pointed. Although it comes with a plastic storage case, I may make one with a closure to travel. Thanks, GW!
  • Snipes

    Edward F. Parker, 7/24/2020 Nice tool
  • great snips

    Tom, 6/26/2020 So useful .. sharp , well balanced,, good spring
  • Thread Snip

    Wendi dunn, 6/21/2020 Well made. As a horticulturist, this will be used for pruning.
  • Real good little tool

    Ed Krakovsky , 5/23/2020 A real deal. My wife loves it.?ver
    Very sharp does the job well. My wife loves it. This was a real deal.

  • Indispensable: useful and excellent quality!

    Thomas, 5/23/2020 We've been using these scissors almost daily. Very well made, and is easy to use to make precise cuts. Very helpful in removing labels from newly purchased clothing, without damaging the fabric.
  • Gardening Snips

    David, 5/18/2020 Great tool for gardening
  • Excellent thread scissors

    Pete, 5/10/2020 Excellent thread scissors
  • Nice little snips!

    Diana, 5/9/2020 I liked this snips, I am sewist and I am going to need more of them, since I have several sewing stations and I am always cutting threads, they are solid, light, and they fit just right in my hand. I bought initially two, guess what? my husband stole one and is now in his shed since according to him there are the coolest pair of snips he ever saw because they are very quick and handy and he liked the spring loaded mechanism. I am also going to get at least one to keep in our closet since they are just the right tool to have handy when you have those pesky loose threads in your clothes and you are in a hurry to go somewhere. Did I also mention that they are very pretty?
  • Indispensable in Any Sewing Kit

    Brian Abel Ragen, 5/5/2020 Somehow my sewing kit filled up with things that look like scissors. But no one could possibly get fingers through the holes in the handle and, besides, they don’t cut anything if you bring the blades together. These snips don’t try to look like scissors, bit they are easy to use and actually cut. They are indispensable in any sewing kit.
  • You have to own these!

    Robin, 5/4/2020 How did I ever live without these snippers? I don't sew a whole lot but when I do I use a small pair of scissors for clipping thread when using my sewing machine. Well these are amazing and super sharp!
  • Great for hand stitching leather

    Eric, 4/25/2020 Very sharp, and works really well getting into tight areas with leather work
  • Perfect little snip

    Lisa Lentz, 4/16/2020 Love this little snip. Perfect for my sewing basket.
  • "petit snip"

    Ruth, 4/13/2020 LOVE the thread snip.....useful for other tasks as well!!!
  • Lovely little tool...

    Marie Prins, 4/10/2020 Aces! I bought it for myself and my husband "appropriated" it. Guess I have to order another
  • Thread Snip....A+

    Marie Prins, 4/9/2020 This is a great tool. I bought it for my husband and he loved it. And now I think I have to get one for me.
  • Great little scissors

    Rick McIntire, 4/3/2020 These are great little scissors for many uses. Sharp, small, and work great. Purchased several for my EDC pouch, home and for gifts.
  • Looking Sharp...No More Loose Threads!

    Just a Guy in Texas, 3/3/2020 Well made little snipper! Great for snipping off a loose thread that you notice after you get dressed and you don't have two hands available to do the cutting/snipping! Very useful! For the price you can't beat it!

    Chris McKelvey, 1/19/2020 Nicely made, cuts clean with good torsion between the blades. Excellent little set of snipers, well worth the cost!
  • Wonderful little cut-up!

    Lucy, 12/23/2019 This is my second pair of snips. They are wonderful for opening packages, cutting off tags, snipping stray threads, all kinds of jobs. Now we have one in the kitchen and another in the library/home office.
  • A necessity for every home

    Elaine , 12/21/2019 An item everyone should have in their home. Perfect for sewers but so handy for removing tags. Buy this if you can. You won’t be sorry.
  • $2.00 add on.

    MICHAEL, 10/28/2019 These were a $2.00 add on item that came up when ordering something else. For two bucks I thought why not. They are a great little cutter. My wife uses them for her crafts. Snipping threads and cutting fabrics they do a wonderful job. Pleasantly surprised at the quality of these little snips.
  • Thread Snips

    William, 10/1/2019 No hobbyist should be without these small scissors / snips in their tool box.
  • Good little nips

    Bob , 9/30/2019 Reminds me of miniature sheep sheers. Old World-ish look is a plus. Lighter construction that expected but should hold up for snipping thread. Purchased as gifts for my wife and daughter-in-laws who like to sew.
  • Thread Snips

    Jim, 4/19/2019 Excellent
  • Great Snipes

    Bryan Hoffman, 3/2/2019 Love the snipes! Perfect for all the little cuts. Use it to open packages, envelopes and what they were actually designed for.
  • Very easy to use

    Michael Giordano, 2/25/2019 Perfect for small projects, Very easy to use.
  • Handy little snips

    Pat Jamieson, 2/24/2019 Snips are so useful to have. These are a nice small size and the price was great.
  • Good, needs sheath

    F Little, 2/18/2019 Sharp and gets the job done. I could wish the snips had a sheath.
  • Works but is cheap

    Elisabeth, 1/1/2019 It works ok but is very cheap and flimsy.the protector is just thin plastic that offers no protection. Not a quality instrument
  • Thread snips

    Louise, 12/31/2018 Quality item. Exactly what my granddaughter needs for all her sewing projects. The same type of “snippers” were always in my mother’s sewing box. And they were on sale, just in time fir Christmas. Yay!
  • Terrific Thread Snips

    Ann Pfrender, 12/20/2018 I have bought these snips as a gift for all my quilting friends.
    I use these every day and think yours are great.
  • Snips

    Jim Laing, 12/19/2018 Excellent little thread snips.
  • Oldy but goody snips

    Doug Wood, 12/18/2018 Sewing thread snips - historic product with a future in modern times, especially for sewers and embroiderers. Excellent quality and easy to use. My wife does Colonial sewing and finds them very useful.
  • Great tool

    Mary Wysocki, 12/17/2018 Bought these for stocking stuffers for my sewing buddies. Bought one for myself too. They are great little snips.
  • Just what she needs

    Liz (me), 12/14/2018 I bought these for my daughter who works on needlework constantly. These will be an asset to her sewing basket!
  • Thread snips

    Wayne, 11/22/2018 Great little snips for my shop!
  • Get one

    mark, 11/20/2018 good quality. sharp. excellent
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