Three Digital Woodworking Gauges

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Sale Three Digital Woodworking Gauges
96T01.12 Digital Snap Depth Gauge

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96T01.25 Digital Marking/Mortise Gauge

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96T01.40 Three Digital Woodworking Gauges

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96T01.42 Snap Thickness Gauge

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The Snap Thickness gauge excels in difficult to measure things, such as soft, semi-rigid, or very thin materials (like leather, sheet metal, and knife blades). It's easy to use and read, thanks to a push-button spring-loaded movement and a hold function. The Depth gauge works great for machine tool and jig setup. The 3-in 1 Mortise Gauge functions as a Marking Gauge, a Mortise Gauge and a Compass and it provides very precise layouts on wood. All three tools measure in millimeters, decimal inches and fractional inches (1/64ths).

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