Three Heavy- Duty Cast Aluminum Scoops

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Three Heavy- Duty Cast Aluminum Scoops
versatile and virtually indestructible
56A02.09 3 Sizes Alum. Scoops

Available 10/30/2020


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This style of Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Scoop was designed years ago as scoops for farm grain. The solid, one-piece castings will prove their usefulness around the kitchen for flour or even in the garden shed when potting. Sturdy and virtually indestructible, some typical uses include pet food, ice cubes, rice & other grains, fireplace ashes, and potting soil. 8½" diameter.

Just grab the size that you need, and get to it. Small: 2¾" x 6¾"; Medium: 3¼" x 9"; Large: 4½" x 11¼"

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