Three Solar Powered Wooden Toy Kits

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Sale Three Solar Powered Wooden Toy Kits
windmill, ant & dragonfly
40S01.04 Solar Wind Mill Kit

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40S01.05 Solar Wooden Ant Kit

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40S01.06 Solar Wooden Dragonfly Kit

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These three Solar Powered Wooden Toys–Windmill, Dragonfly and Ant–are exquisite in their detail. When sunlight (or bright indoor light) hits the solar cell, the toys activate in different ways. The Windmill's sails and water wheel turn and the Ant and Dragonfly walk.

When we first saw these, we were blown away by the detail captured by the craftsmanship. The minute shingle detail on the roof of the windmill; how the roof lifts off so you can admire the ingenuity of the turning gears; the semi-circular windows, balcony slats, flower boxes and stairs. The base of the Windmill is 8", with a 4½" sail span. The Dragonfly has intricate detail in the eyes and wings, including veins in the wings. 6" wingspan. 5" tail to nose. The Ant is 4½" long. Construction of these is just hard enough to give you a challenge, but you won't be pulling your hair out. Made of Birch plywood in France.
Solar Powered Ant in Action
Solar Powered Windmill

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