Three-Tine Cultivator/Scuffle & Digging Trowel

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Sale Three-Tine Cultivator/Scuffle & Digging Trowel
69A01.32 Comby Cultivator

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69A01.33 Square Head Trowel

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From Holland, the land of tulips and expert gardeners, comes these two excellent new tools: one is a unique combo of Three-Tine Cultivator & Scuffle (a type of root cutter) and the other a Digging Trowel. Use the hearty tines of the cultivator to loosen soil or rake through weeds. Or, flip it over and pull the sharp-edged scuffle through the soil, just below the surface, to sever small roots. Works in both pull and push directions. The trowel is great for transplanting plants with a plug of soil, the truncated top is sharpened to sever small roots while digging. The generous-sized blade is 5-1/2" long x 3-1/4" wide. 12-1/4" overall. The business end of both tools are hand-forged steel with ash handles.

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