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Three Traditional Japanese Kitchen Knives
$ 59.9500
These traditional Japanese kitchen knives feature ebony handles and super-sharp laminated steel blades (a unique, layered-steel style where stainless-steel surrounds a core of high-carbon steel). The flats are finished with a lightly-hammered design reminiscent of cherry blossoms.

The Petit Gyuto is a paring knife, great for all-around kitchen usage: 6" blade, 4½" handle. The Santoku knife is an all-purpose blade, works best on meat: 7" blade, 4½" handle. Finally, the Usuba knife, with its truncated point, is a slicing, dicing vegetable knife: 7" blade, 4½" handle.

As hard-working as they are beautiful, any of these knives would be a great addition to your knife roll, for the professional and home chef alike.
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