Three Vintage Chef's Knives

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New Three Vintage Chef's Knives
02B16.27 Vintage Knife Set (3 Knives)

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02B16.29 Historic Vintage Knives, 6" & 8"

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56A05.01 Beechwood Cutting Board

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These "Cuisine Ideale Forge" knives were hand-crafted decades ago, so slight variations make each knife unique. They are the perfect knife for home cook and professional chef alike, well balanced and stiff, classically designed to deliver that rocking, cutting motion. The knives are 6", 8", and 10" long with carbon steel blades. The hardwood handles on all are held in place by three brass pins. These beautiful Knives are part of a trove of newly discovered vintage knives, in Thiers, France, long renowned as one of the world's greatest cutlery centers. They are truly vintage, so we have limited quantities. Hand-wash and dry only. Buy the two smaller knives, or all three together.

We are also offering a nicely priced French made Beechwood cutting board that's 19½" x 12" x 1".

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