Timber Jack Made in Maine

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Timber Jack Made in Maine
Save your back and your chainsaw
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It follows that a 160+ year old Maine-based maker of logging tools knows what they are doing. A Timber Jack not only adds an element of safety but saves your back muscles when cutting up rounds. The claw arm clamps onto the log and holds it securely, while the steadying leg lifts the log 10" off the ground. With the log raised, you won’t have to bend down as far to work with the chainsaw, and also the log won’t pinch inward as the cut finishes. The raised position also saves the chainsaw from dulling, because it won’t kick into the dirt when the cut ends. A great investment for anyone who cuts their own firewood. With a 42" long wooden handle, and a hooked, steel jaw that can accommodate logs up to about 14" in diameter.
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