Tiny, Mighty Key-Chain Hi-Tech Flashlight

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Tiny, Mighty Key-Chain Hi-Tech Flashlight
Small, superbly effective, & endlessly useful
04D03.33 Key-Chain Hi-Tech Flashlight

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This fantastic, very small Hi-Tech LED Flashlight clips to your keychain. It is astonishingly tiny, only a bit more than 1/2" in diameter and weighing less than half an ounce. Amazingly it produces up to 130 lumens. It has two output levels, 5 lumens (for 7 hours), or 130 lumens (for 20 minutes). It throws a beam 175 ft. and will easily illuminate your evening walk. Features a high-performance Phillips TX LED and a TIR optic lens. Five-year manufacturer's warranty.

On/Off control and power selection is done simply by twisting the body of the flashlight. Plus, it's inexpensive for the high quality. We love it and think it's a fun holiday gift.

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