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Bestseller Tool Kits For Small-Crafts Work
The tools used should always fit the scale of the job
88H04.02 Basic Small Crafts Kit

Available 10/10/2020

Regular Price: $139.00

Special Price $107.50

88H04.03 Advanced Small Crafts Kit

Available 10/10/2020

Regular Price: $126.00

Special Price $88.40

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In any family that is DIY-handy, it's rare that small scale jobs will not come up from time to time. These two craft kits (Basic and Advanced) have been carefully selected by our staff for such events. Each comes packed in a fitted case.

The 26 piece Basic Kit (88H04.02) includes a small bench vise, a wood/steel hand vise, two small steel parallel clamps, a small Brass caliper, a dozen picks and probes, 6 tweezers of varying tip design, flat and needle nose mini pliers, and a polished mini steel anvil.

The 7 piece Advanced Kit (88H04.03) adds additional functionality with four brass Japanese-style clamps (two each, 7" and 12" long), a Universal Flex Holder for gripping unusual shaped objects and two specialized long-face clamps. These are very sophisticated clamps.

These two Kits complement each other and are both highly recommended at a significant discount over the usual cost of the tools as individual items. The zippered case keeps the small tools in each kit safe and sound until you open it. When you need them (which will happen) you'll be happy to be able to pull them out. Every well equipped shop will benefit.

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Overall Rating
  • Good tools

    John, 2/24/2020 Tools are generally good quality. Do what they are supposed to. Mine arrived with a reasonable amount of corrosion on them that had to be cleaned off before they would work effectively. Case is more trouble than it is worth.
  • Tools For The Modeler

    Edward Sierzenga, 10/9/2015 The advanced set of model tools is a wonderful addition to any model builders tool box. The set of clamps are outstanding and very useful. I build wooden ships and love this kit. Everything is very finely made and extremely needed through out the building stages until the model is built. The very fine brass clamps and the small hand clamp is also of high quality and made much better than the other ones I have used. You can mix and match the small pins and little clamps to hold any small part you need to work on plus the cost of the set is much less than buying each alone. The best model tool kit for the price!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner October 2015 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Edward!!
  • Cool Little Tools

    John, 8/22/2015 When you need tiny tools to get the project done this is the kit that you need. Nice quality and field tested these tools work great. Thanks for making this kit. >>>John
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