Toothed Straight Machete

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New Toothed Straight Machete
02D07.19 Toothed Straight Machete

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Made in France, this newest Machete looks like a bread knife for a giant. Employ this hefty tool for whatever you would use a machete for, especially chopping through stubborn brush and brambles. The scalloped serrations run the length of the blade, and make quick work of whacking overgrown weeds, or ground-clearing a site for that future garden or storage shed. The stainless steel blade is a generous 19-⅜” long with a 6-½” Beechwood handle (that has a hole for a lanyard). Comes with a USA made leather scabbard, that is slightly oversized, so the sharp blade won’t harm the leather when sheathing and unsheathing. Scabbard also features brass rivets, a belt loop, and a snap closure.

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