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Automatic Garden Hose Reel
$ 235.0000
When we spotted this late last year, we knew that a new level of automatic hose-reel function had been achieved.

Relying on the same inertia-reel hose rewind control system that is used in a car seat belt, the 75 ft. internal 1/2" garden hose can be easily pulled out to any distance, and will lock at any point when the pull is stopped or if the hose is dropped or is released too quickly. (An uncontrolled rewind is the number one cause of reel malfunction.) A brief pull or tug on the hose activates the automatic rewind, while you simply release the hose to allow it to coil up evenly. You just walk it back.

The steel mounting bracket can be attached to any wall or sturdy post and rotates a full 180˚ so the hose can be pulled out straight no matter what the angle. A 5’ feeder hose connects the reel to the water source (hose bib). The fully adjustable steel output nozzle comes attached to the end of the rewind hose. Garrett Wade all-brass Quick-Change hose fittings are included to accommodate USA garden hose thread (GHT). Mounting hardware is included. Air shipping is not available.

Protect from freezing. Ice buildup inside the hose and connectors will cause damage.
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