Topiary Shears

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Topiary Shears
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11G13.17 Topiary Shears

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The classic spring shears design has been used for centuries for everything from cutting cloth to trimming hedges to shearing sheep. The technology is remarkably simple--a pair of 6" blades shaped in a spring formation, and operated by opening and closing your hand. This set of shears works basically the same way, with a few welcome modern touches: razor sharp modular blades affixed to the plastic handles, rubberized grips, locking mechanism, and a blade tip cap. Locks closed in a streamlined form. Looks great, and cuts well--we’re big fans of this tool.

Overall length: 13 ½”; Blades 6 ½” L

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Overall Rating
  • Excellent topiary shears.

    Paul T. Baker, 10/23/2017 Another great Garrett Wade product. Very good quality, very sharp and a nice size.
  • Shears

    Gail, 8/12/2017 Excellent, really sharp and easy to use
  • Garden shears a cut above

    John Cloud, 6/17/2017 This tool is a cut above most garden shears, literally. The blades are good steel and sharp, the handles are comfortable, and the spring provides enough force to re-open the shears, but not enough to tire your hand. I took to it immediately.
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