Tough, Versatile X-HD Chisel Knife

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Tough, Versatile X-HD Chisel Knife
an extraordinary useful tool
A Garrett Wade Exclusive
75A01.08 Tough, Versatile X-HD Chisel Knife

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It’s the ultimate hybrid, incorporating features of a knife, chisel, hatchet, cleaver, pry-bar, and rescue tool. It’s a jobsite or campsite Do-Everything Tool. The high carbon steel blade is 6" long, 1½" wide and a stunning 1/8+" thick all over. Total length is 11 1⁄4". It has an extended butt for striking, a wide exposed spine, a G10 handle and a nylon sheath. It’ll take a beating – nice to have on hand.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
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Handle Material:
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  • X-HD Chisel knife

    Barry Mucklow, 8/17/2018 Like the knife very much, it has nice heft and is big enough to be really useful. Sheath is OK but not of equal quality . I am happy I bought it.
  • Chisel knife

    Curtis Sweet, 4/22/2018 The knife will make a great addition to anyone camping, will be a general purpose kindling and fire prep tool, that is a hefty, well built tool. The only thing missing is a hole in the handle for a hand safety lanyard.
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