Tough, Versatile X-HD Chisel Knife

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Bestseller Tough, Versatile X-HD Chisel Knife
an extraordinary useful tool
A Garrett Wade Exclusive
75A01.08 Tough, Versatile X-HD Chisel Knife

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It’s the ultimate hybrid, incorporating features of a knife, chisel, hatchet, cleaver, pry-bar, and rescue tool. It’s a jobsite or campsite Do-Everything Tool. The high carbon steel blade is 6" long, 1½" wide and a stunning 1/8+" thick all over. Total length is 11 1⁄4". It has an extended butt for striking, a wide exposed spine, a G10 handle and a nylon sheath. It’ll take a beating – nice to have on hand.
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Overall Rating
  • Camper's Delight

    Arlene Owens, 7/28/2020 Excellent product for a wilderness camper. I gave it to a son-in - law for a birthday and was envious that such a great versatile knife did not exist when I was a Girl Scout leader who went on many camping trips.It is the only knife you need.
  • Thumbs up

    Scott , 6/13/2020 Absolutely the best chisel I have ever owned. It was definitely above my expectations with the quality and Diverse abilities.
  • Great tool if you can keep it

    Howard Holmes, 6/6/2020 This serious tool is worthy of respect and I am proud to note I have not injured myself with it yet. It has proved useful in a current bath renovation project, smoothing bare wood and painted surfaces and keeping recalcitrant carpenter/friends in line. The main worry at this point is earnest attempts by the wife to commandeer this fine item for her own use. I'm doomed.
  • Robust

    John, 5/22/2020 It’s pretty useful for cutting notches into wood building sheds, etc. Its really stout and I like the handle. Careful, the edge is sharp.
  • Not for kindling

    Miss Kerileigh, 4/26/2020 Definitely more of a chisel than for making kindling. I always make kindling for my husband and I typically use a big meat cleaver. I can bang the hell out of the cleaver and it can take the abuse. The chisel knife is only good for really soft wood like cedar. It's a good product but not for what I bought it for.

    Richard, 4/25/2020 I bought my first knife 40 years ago, I still have and use it daily. I wish that I found this one sooner. Heavy duty, top quality, and extremely versatile. A better more useful knife can not be found.
  • Works

    Lev, 3/8/2020 Probably better for camping. Have to becareful when using the chisel part not to grab onto the knife, tend to want to put my hand there.
  • The X-HD Chisel Knife

    Robert W. Eiser, 3/3/2020 The X-HD Chisel Knife is an outstanding piece of equipment. Sturdy, well made, it's ready to go to work the moment it arrives. As a Falconer in New Mexico I'm in the field several days a week hunting with my hawks and falcons. The Chisel Knife has been in my hawking bag since the day I took it out of it's box. Friendly to left-handers, be warned, it's sharp.
  • X-HD Chisel Knife

    Bill Sewell, 1/1/2020 Great rough knife and froe. Not enthusiastic about the hammer protrusion on the back. I understand it's function is not to shatter the handles, however in using the tool as a strong or assisted knife, this tends to grab the palm of the holding hand.
  • Extremely sharp, well made tool

    Steve, 10/12/2019 This chisel is fantastic. I used it the first day it arrived. As a carpenter, sharp tools are essential. Extremely well made and very sharp. It is now a part of my everyday tool box.
  • Does it all

    Jeremy, 10/12/2019 If I had to choose one tool to be lost in the woods with, this would be it.
  • First class well made tool.

    John, 7/13/2019 This should be in every woodworks tool kit.
  • Excellent quality!

    Adelbert, 6/13/2019 It has some heft to it and splits kindling with ease.
  • Utility knife

    Jangalang, 5/5/2019 Well made and solid
  • Quality and Versitility

    Jim Morgan, 12/12/2018 Every year I select a unique item for every adult member of my family for a Christmas gift. This year they are receiving the Garrett Wade X-HD Chisel Knife. The quality is evident when you pick it up; from the heft of the knife to the edge quality of the blade. The design also lends itself to adapting to all manner of cutting and chopping requirements.
  • Christmas gifts

    Mark wagner, 12/9/2018 Kinda hard to review Christmas gifts but from what I have seen and opened up looking at the items they are high quality items and those I have should be cherished for years to come .
  • Useful good quality tool

    Mike J. , 12/4/2018 Good sound tool. Single bevel edges easy to sharpen but don’t retain a great edge. Appears to be good steel. Agree with other reviewers that supplied sheath is flimsy.
  • Takes a beating

    Andrew, 10/27/2018 Great tool. Solid, sturdy and takes a beating. Size is larger than expected but not enormous. Sheath is disappointing. Velcro strap is cheap, a snap would be better.
  • HD Chisel Knife

    Dario , 10/23/2018 It’s amazing a little bigger than what I thought it would be but really amazing product I love it it’s my go to knife/chisel now it’s got great weight to it too feels nice in the hand could do with a nice leather sheath but overall very good product
  • X-HD Chisel knife

    Barry Mucklow, 8/17/2018 Like the knife very much, it has nice heft and is big enough to be really useful. Sheath is OK but not of equal quality . I am happy I bought it.
  • Chisel knife

    Curtis Sweet, 4/22/2018 The knife will make a great addition to anyone camping, will be a general purpose kindling and fire prep tool, that is a hefty, well built tool. The only thing missing is a hole in the handle for a hand safety lanyard.
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