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Sale Tracing Profile Gauge
Conforms to all awkward shapes
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10K20.01 5-1/2 in Tracing Profile Gauge

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10K20.02 12 in Tracing Profile Gauge

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10K20.03 18 in Tracing Profile Gauge

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10K20.10 Two Profile Gauges (5-1/2 & 18 in)

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There are others like it, but we believe that this one is the best. A new design, utilizing individually tensioned, low friction plastic blades, will conform exactly to any shape it is pressed against. An invaluable aid for copying or tracing curved shapes such as moulding.

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  • Tracing profile gauge

    Greg James, 11/17/2017 I bought the tracer to replicate the shape of the bottom of a logs I’m using for bench seats onto the logs to be used as legs. The throw of the tracer pins is not enough to replicate the entire half log, about 6 or 7 inches. I’ll improvise to get my shape transferred. Might have helped to mention pin travel. Would have bought anyway. Really enjoyed the Christmas catalog you included with my purchase. Unfortunately I left it at my mothers laws last weekend.Your customer svc person said another would be sent. Several Christmas gift ideas for grandkids (and me too).
  • Life saver to keep me from having to cut channels in marble for columns on our porches!

    David McIntosh, 11/14/2017 Finding a quality one is hard when searching outlets like Amazon and with internet search engines. Maybe it’s because this product goes by so many names. Please get your quality items on amazon soon to up the bar on quality items. Can’t wait to use this on our marble house fitting porch columns to the wood. Do they make 5 ft versions? Couldn’t find one longer than what you all have anywhere.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Tracing Profile Gauge. Unfortunately, we don't carry one of that length nor do we have a source listed for one. We hope you're able to obtain one. Thanks again.

  • Tracing

    Stanley Dunbar, 5/16/2015 The large tracing profile gauge is exactly what I needed to get the profile around my stone hearth. From what I have used it do far, it has done an excellent job.
  • Save Time And Gas!!!

    Cliff, 12/27/2013 This little jewel saved me about three and a half hours in the car by keeping me from having to drive an extra 202 miles. I completed a granite and lead crystal sculpture for some clients who live in Swarthmore, Pa. After they had the piece for a while, they decided they would like a custom stand to place the piece on. Well, the bottom of the piece has to fit in the stand exactly and , of course, the bottom is made up of multiple compound curves. I had the foam model I had done of the piece in it's inception stage but it wasn't exactly like the finished piece so I needed to go to the clients house to take profiles directly. I don't mind going to the client's house to get these measurements but if I hadn't had this gauge, I would have had to drive it twice. How do I know this? Well, I already had one of the typical profile gauges we have all seen all our lives and when I tried it against the model in my studio, it just wasn't up to the task. Those metal pins bend sideways when you try to get much more then a really simple profile with them. This, on the other hand, was perfect. You can use quite a bit of pressure to push against the piece without the individual layers tweaking away to the side. And then, you can further push each one individually if need to be to really pick up every little difference in the profile you are registering. This one use alone paid for this gauge many times over. If you ever need a profile gauge in your work, you will be very glad you have one of these. And if you have ever used (or still use) the regular metal profile gauge, try this, you will be amazed and pleased at how much easier it is to use and how much more precise your transfer is.
  • profile gauge

    Paul, 12/31/2011 doesn't pick up detail as well as the metal wire type. But will probably last longer than the metal type which tend to fall apart if not handled very carefully.
  • Do They Make Them longer

    Jeff Major, 4/4/2011 Wow!! These tools are incredible. When you want an exceptional fit to an irregular shape, these are a must have. I wish they had one five feet long!!
  • Great Tool

    mark , 12/7/2010 This is a very handy tool and a great time saver.
  • Gotta Have One!

    Kent, 6/30/2010 When my family was building a log home a couple of years ago, we were having a hard time contouring the interior drywall to the log walls. I ordered the largest Tracing Profile Gauge from Garrett Wade, thinking it might help. Was I surprised! This tool has been absolutely indispensable ever since. Well worth the money if you need to exactly copy difficult curves and contours. We love it!
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