Traditional 10" Brace

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Traditional 10" Brace
Made in France
19H01.04 Traditional 10" Brace

Available 10/01/2020


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To the best of our knowledge, there is now only one make in europe. But that firm makes an excellent brace. The all ball-bearing 3-Jaw chuck holds round or hex bits superbly - Up to 1/2" in diameter. The handles are comfortable and the left / right and locking ratchet very solid. Also using a commonly available hex socet adapter, the Brace converts to powerfulnut driver with any size socket (a 1/4" adapter & Socket are shown).

Despite its size, a 10" sweep brace is a surprisingly subtle tool that allows you to apply a larger amount of very controlled. it's a dandy traditional tool and we are pleased to have it on our line again.

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  • Excellent Quality

    David, 11/22/2014 I understand, but can't confirm, that this is the last bit-brace made in continental Europe. It's really fine work; I've read (but again cannot confirm) that this is a France Manufacture. While the handles are some form of plastic, it's a quite tough, attractive material, perhaps Lexan. The machining and finish on the arms, chuck and jaws could not be better. Costly, it is, but worth it, if you like quality hand tools. Now - if only there were quality auger bits out there . . .
  • French Brace

    Caryn Atwood, 11/16/2014 Well now, this is a fine tool. Well balanced and easy to use. Very happy with the purchase.
  • Fantastic

    John, 3/4/2014 Just try to find a quality brace at your local Lowe's or Home Depot. You won't find one. I purchased one several years ago from the local ACE hardware store, but it wasn't anything like the brace I purchased from Garrett Wade. The ACE brace could not hold up under 'ranch' work.
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