Traditional Cargo Oil Lamp

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Traditional Cargo Oil Lamp
87A01.20 Traditional Cargo Oil Lamp

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This large lamp (14" high and 8" in diameter) in undeniably handsome. It can be hung (perhaps to sway with a ship's movement) or placed flat on a table or shelf surface. It will burn either standard lamp oil or kerosene equally well for hours before a refill is needed. Either fuel is available locally. Its shape is that of a large hexagon with glass panes 3-1/2" x 6" high. It's a real beauty. Next Day & 2-Day Air Shipping not available for this item.

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  • Cargo Lamp

    Marria, 12/30/2016 This was a gift for someone. The design is exquisite. My friend loved it.
  • Decoration only

    Gift Recipient, 1/14/2016 Beautiful but should only be considered decorative in my opinion. Can't adjust the wick or put out the flame without removing the entire burning portion of the lamp and that can only be done from below which puts your hand under the hot and burning portion which is filled with spillable oil. The oil reservoir on mine leaks at the seam where the top of the tank attaches so can only fill the reservoir about 2/3.
  • silly upsets over faithful models

    Ernie, 12/15/2015 I have one of the original from the cargo hold of an actual ship. complaints about a reproduction that works like it was intended to do a hundred or so years ago are funny to say the least. these and the mast lamps had to be changed out leaving the lenses in place since the bale was usually stapled in place. they are not intended as desk lamps they are intended to be used in real situations, by real people, doing a real job. I love it when a reproduction is true to form because it bloody well works when the chips are down.
  • Looks good, just VERY BAD construction close to the flame

    Done'it, 12/1/2015 Fire Hazard - round bottom that holds lamp oil is not sealed to the dome the wick system screws into and if you light wick and tilt the unit lamp oil will run out onto your hand and anything you place it on.
  • Cargo Lamp

    Ed, 7/10/2014 I have collected kerosene lamps for a number of years and ordered this one because of its catalogue appearance. Most of your customers will want it for its striking appearance, which is exceptional. I have not had any excess difficulty with removing and extinguishing the burner assembly but all should be aware that it is removed through the bottom of the lamp. I used a common potholder to facilitate that maneuver. As noted elsewhere, the main body of the lamp does get hot to the point that it cannot be grasped with the bare hand. Also, readers should note that there is no integrated glass chimney although the burner component has flanges to grasp such a chimney. You may be aware that whale oil lamps do not require a chimney while kerosene lamps usually burn cleaner and brighter with one.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner July 2014 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Edgar!!
  • Question

    K. Hall, 1/20/2014 I received this beautiful lantern as a gift and do love it. Am I missing something or uneducated about gaining access to adjust the wick or extinguish the flame? It's not safe or practical to have to remove the reservoir from the base, especially when it has been in use a while...the handle being very hot. One needs two people. Please advise.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Traditional Cargo Oil Lamp. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing some difficulty. Our suggestion would be to use an oven mitt to perform this task. If you would like further suggestions, please feel free to call our technician at 1-800-221-2942. We hope this helps.
  • Cargo Oil Lamp

    David Goodson, 12/27/2013 This was ordered as a Christmas present for my Wife but was so popular that it was back ordered. She got an enlarged picture in a card under the tree. She says that it is beautiful and can't wait for it to arrive.She was also pleased with the Brass/Copper oil lamp I also order(do you really think I could have gotten away with a card and picture?) She is now trying to decide where she wants to hang it,instead of me.:)
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