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27C01.01 Set of 3 Traditional Scissors

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This style of Scissor is hundreds of years old. All forged and hand shaped steel, the relatively short blades are simultaneously both delicate enough and tough enough to cut silk or soft sheet steel. The three sizes (measured by blade length) in the set are 1-3/8, 2-1/4 and 2-3/4". The clincher is that they are very inexpensive - and they are great for left handed people too.

Made In China.

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Overall Rating
  • Good stuff

    John G, 12/10/2018 Very good product it’s just what I expected. They are steel so common sense says clean them dry them lightly lubricate them. The design helps my arthritis and makes them easy to use.
  • An ancient design meets our modern needs

    Cynthia McElroy, 10/22/2018 These scissors are really sharp and strong. They can be sharpened and if you keep them clean , they will hold up for years. These are excellent because they can comfortably be used by a Left handed dominant person.
  • Great

    Diane Holden, 11/16/2016 I purchase these scissors for a friend that has Lupus. She has a hard time with traditional ones. These worked out great for her. Overall great scissors
  • Best scissors in their class

    Richard Rogers, 10/30/2016 These are the best utilitarian scissors on the market, not expected to be Cadillacs of their class, but certainly very functional and reliable. I just wish they were made in America!!
  • Slimy

    Tom Murphy, 7/12/2016 The sets of scissors I purchased all came coated with what appeared to be engine oil. I had to return all sets.,

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We're sorry to hear that you needed to return the Chinese Scissors. The oil on the scissors was not engine oil, but an oil used to prevent rust during transport. This may be wiped off with a paper towel. Also, they are made of steel (not stainless steel), and should be cleaned after use if used outdoors and coated with a "light" coating of oil during storage. If they are used indoors, this is probably not necessary.

  • Elegant Looking But Hard To Use

    Me, 1/29/2015 The largest size of these scissors feels completely off balance for me. I have normal-sized female hands, but I can't open them wide enough to snip anything. Are they supposed to be used with two hands? The other two sizes I can open fine, but they don't feel all that natural in my hands, with the thin curving handles. The action sticks a little as you open the blades wider. They do look elegant, though, and they're not expensive.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Traditional Chinese Scissors. Please call our technician at 1-800-221-2942.  He will be able to answer the questions you have regarding the difficulty you are having with them. If you would rather send them back for a refund, please use the return label which was included. If you need one, please let us know, and we will get one right out to you.
  • Scissors

    Norvil Ferguson, 8/23/2014 Love all three of the scissors. Thank you.
  • Chinese Scissors

    Louise Radanovich, 7/23/2014 These classic Chinese Scissors are wonderful. I purchased a number of them a few years ago as Christmas gifts, and they were very well received. My recent purchase of 6 (2 sets of 3) was in anticipation of a Bonsai workshop I am presenting soon to my Garden Club. They are sharp, sturdy and have enough of a blade overlap to allow for several sharpenings. Also the handles can be bent to allow the tips to be resized after sharpening so they continue to cross. The large and medium sizes will cut woody as well as herbaceous plant material, and the small size is perfect for precise twig and leaf pruning. Of course, they are all also great for cutting paper and card stock. I love the historical continuity they represent, scissors being one of the oldest manufactured tools of humankind. Thank you for carrying them!
  • Trad. Chinese scissors

    Larry Paxton, 12/30/2013 I bought two sets of these as Christmas gifts. I have a set of my own. I leave a pair in the kitchen drawer, one in my desk and one in the shop. They're quite sharp and feel good in the hand. A great value.
  • Chinese Scissors

    Wayne, 9/30/2013 This a great product. Can use with either hand for a great cut.
  • Chinese Scissors

    Dan D., 8/21/2013 My wife and I received our 3 piece set of your Chinese style scissors and really like the ease of use. I have had no trouble sliding my hand into them as with a traditional handled scissor.
  • Traditional Chinese Scissors

    Alvaro Solar, 12/29/2012 Great product. Works as advertised. Very good quality.

    DED, 1/3/2011 Beautifully designed, excellent function, very nicely fits together, durable.
  • Great for Big Hands

    Bruce, 4/18/2010 I am a sewing machines mechanic and I really like these scissors. They are sharp and handle well. I like the big handles. Having all three sizes in my tool bag is great. I have ordered three sets and use them for fly tying and around the house.
  • Amazing if Not Quite Perfect

    Mark Gooley, 6/16/2009 They're sharp -- that includes the tips -- and not easily damaged or dulled. They will cut anything that scissors or shears cut, and more than some can, up to hardened steel wire or sheet (soft is okay) cleanly and well. The blades seem to be of hardened steel, perhaps laminated to the softer steel of the handles. The center is a pin (with mushroomed-over ends) that looks like lead and will occasionally need to be pounded flatter (hammer and anvil, ideally) when the blades start to drift apart. They arrive (or mine did, some years ago) packed in greased paper or plastic sheet. They will rust if left wet or damp, but clean off the rust and generally they work about as well as before. The smaller sizes may be uncomfortable for some hands. On the whole, incredible value for money.
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