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Traditional French Butcher Knife
$ 38
On a recent buying trip, we found this traditional French Butcher Knife among a large trove of forgotten classic knives in a warehouse. We estimate this stunner to be at least 30 years old. This style of knife has served butchers for generations, so it will easily handle your kitchen tasks. A stiff blade will efficiently handle large cutting jobs, while the tapered tip is easy to control for precision tasks like boning. Made years ago by master craftsmen, this Butcher Knife is forged, ground to shape, and riveted by hand. The Rosewood handle is a traditional knife wood, used for its comfort and durability. Blade is 6 ½” handle is 5”. Buy now, because when these originals are gone, they are gone forever. Do not machine wash. Hand wash only and wipe dry immediately.

To sharpen your Traditional French Butcher Knife, we recommend our Italian Manual Knife Sharpener. It's great for edge touch-up.
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