Traditional German Mattock

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Traditional German Mattock
A versatile & traditional 2-in-1 garden tool
54A03.06 Traditional German Mattock

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The robust, shock absorbing ash handles and solid forged Steel head of this 2-in-1 tool allow you to switch quickly and efficiently from one type of cut to the next without breaking stride.The Hoe end is a heavy chopper edge that will bite into and loosen dirt and pull rocks, while the Axe side is great for cutting through roots, vines, and other gnarly materials. This is a very traditional-style tool for serious garden work, and is ideal when wrestling with combinations of earth, roots, stumps, etc.

Head ships packed flat, and is easily assembled. (Instructions included)

42” L Overall, Head: 15 ½” L (each blade 7” L); Hoe Blade: 4 ¾” W; Axe Blade 5 ¼” W; Weighs 6 lbs.
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Overall Rating
  • Superior tool

    Jonathan, 1/9/2020 After struggling for a year using in combination an axe and an old mattock that probably came from Sears ages ago, the blade to which I actually bent, this mattock is a dream.
    Well balanced head and handle, the handle was smooth to the touch out of the box and I was easily able to deliver accurate powerful swings. The blades were sharp out of the box and cut roots well, and there is no sign at all that this tool might be damaged by levering shrubs and saplings out of the ground. It lets me blast through palm roots too — impressive.
    For the quality of this tool, and the immediate productivity gains I have enjoyed clearing overgrown grounds, I would happily have paid more. At the price, it is a great bargain, but it is the excellent quality that impresses me the most.
  • Works great good product

    Jerome, 7/6/2019 Well made wide cutting edges great garden and woods tool
  • German Mattock - 54A0300

    Tom Sturgeon, 2/1/2019 It is a lot better than the one I have been using
  • Quality mattock in Pulaski style tradition

    Kris B., 6/5/2018 The forged steel in the head is tough stuff. It took significant effort to sharpen. When it arrived it was not even close to a working edge on either blade, so it took awhile to shape this steel to a functional edge. It is now performing well. The wide mattock blade provides a nice complement to a narrower Pulaski blade for different ground types. We are using both regularly. We fabricated leather blade guards for protection and safety between uses. The handle was straight with good grain control and fit the head well when seated (we rotated the handle in the head to find the best fit before seating). Handle surfaces were quite rough, but sanded up quickly to a nice smooth feel. A couple coats of walnut oil on the handle are keeping it that way. Like the long handle. If the tool, as received, had edges ready (or close) to use, and if the handle surfaces had been more finished, we would have given this tool five stars. A very nice tool for the money.
  • operator

    Ralph Leaf, 5/9/2018 This product saved me literally days of digging through huge root systems from our mature sequoia (sp?). I spent a whole day of grueling agony with just a regular axe--- and got no where. My wife showed me the German Mattock and I had it within a week and could not be more pleased-- and it was so much easier. The head is a little heavy, which is good because you can use It's weight to cut through roots and tough soil.
  • Traditional German Mattock

    Mike Flora, 4/29/2018 Great tool for clearing brush, roots and vines. The long handle makes it easy to swing and deliver powerful blows for clearing. I wish I had had this tool years ago.
  • A traditional mattock with super traditional performance

    John R., 8/11/2017 Tore through roots and tough dirt like a hot knife through butter. The axe end performed way beyond expectations. A little heavy until you start swinging it. well balanced
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