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Bestseller Traditional Glass "Wasp Traps"
Replicas of an antique English design
17B01.01 Traditional Glass Wasp Trap

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17B01.10 Traditional Glass Wasp Traps (3)

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The time-honored way these work is that the wasp (or hornet, yellowjacket, or fly) is enticed by any sweet liquid to fly up into the jar through the hole in the base. Once inside, the bug will invariably drown. When full, you simply pull out the top stopper and empty the Trap. Hang it from any convenient branch, nail or hook; it requires no maintenance whatsoever, except an occasional look-see and cleaning. Leave outdoors all the time, except if freezing.

These are still made in modern forms today, but ours are exact replicas of an antique Victorian wasp trap which we came across years ago during trip through the Lake District in England - hand made now for us in Mexico by a small, custom glass blowing firm we discovered. They have a great deal of style, and are very decorative as well as functional.

Each is about 5-1/2" tall and 4" wide, and each comes with its wire hook and a genuine cork stopper. Some variation in size should be expected.

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Overall Rating
  • Beautiful But Underperforms

    Bryan, 9/26/2020 It looks great, but it is not very effective. I used humming bird nectar to lure wasps but it has caught zero in the past 2-3 weeks. About 5 feet away from it is a modern trap which I think is rather ugly. (I bought this one to replace it.) But the modern one has caught over a hundred wasps in a similar time frame. Whyyyy
  • Functional and Pretty

    Shelly, 9/21/2020 I love good glass products, and these fit the bill. Our barn seems to be a cuiosity for yellow jackets, red wasps and dirt daubers. It is hard to tell them apart when they whiz by your head. So, bought these traps to lure the yellow jackets and not kill the beneficial flyers. Loved the tip one reviewer gave about adding vinegar, so as not to catch honey bees. It works! Bought the set of three as we are buliding a home with full wrap around porch and figure we will need them!
  • Highest recommendation.

    MS, 9/19/2020 Highest recommendation. These are really attractive and highly effective.
  • Safe, pretty and so helpful

    Kristina Lindbergh, 9/14/2020 We're having a bumper crop of yellow jackets this year, and the hand-blown glass traps are incredibly effective at trapping them ( If you add a few drops of vinegar to the sugar water, you won't attract honey bees). They're lovely hanging from a low branch!
  • So much better than the rest

    Courtney, 8/23/2020 It's both beautiful and effective. I love it.
  • Glass wasp trap

    Susan, 7/15/2020 Looks great, beautiful job of glass blowing. The cork fits well. The glass was very well protected when it was shipped. Also it looks well hanging outside.
  • Looks great

    Cathy, 1/25/2019 Haven’t used them yet, but they look great and nothing was broken when they arrived.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and Functional

    Michael, 12/30/2018 Product is a gift - looks good and came in one piece.
  • Jammed corks

    Gary Willson, 9/1/2018 Corks are packet too tight. Cannot loosen them with hands. Had to use channel locks, and broke one of them. Just ship them without the cork attached.
  • Jammed corks

    Gary Willson, 8/29/2018 Overall, I'm very happy with the wasp traps (I bought 3). However, all three had the cork so jammed in that they would not come off. I used channel locks to remove them, and broke one cork in trying. I have replaced the corks and now they are fine.
  • Looking good

    Lynn Metzger, 7/1/2018 My wasp traps arrived just a few days ago. They look great! I have 1 hanging out now. No wasps caught yet, but I am optimistic!
  • Good

    Terry Morrow, 12/17/2017 Haven't used them yet, but their appearance is great. Will let you know how they work next spring!
  • Good, effective trap, with no moving parts.

    John Moore, 10/8/2017 These have worked well for me in the past. We're past the wasp and fly season here now, so they will be put back in service next spring. In the past they have caught so many flies and wasps, I've had to empty them and refill with the lure twice in as many weeks.
  • Wasp Traps

    Denise Stewart, 7/25/2017 I use the cheapest can of beer I can find - living in the country I have lot of flies using the old fashioned glass fly catcher is the only thing I use in Weld County, Colorado - give them a few days for the beer to really ferment, you will have hundreds of flies - even after the beer has evaporated!
  • Traditional glass wasp trap

    Pat, 1/31/17, 1/31/2017 I ordered one of the wasp traps. Sounds like a good product. I haven't used it yet, but will hang it in the spring
  • Goodbye, Flies

    Robert, 8/7/2016 Ordered three, hung two under patio table umbrella and the flies came to drown in the beer!!! It is full of dead flies and time to clean in a bucket of soapy water as you suggested.
  • I'm Pleased

    Ed, 12/8/2014 These babies work. I've bated them with the same sugar water I used in my hummingbird feeders and snagged wasps/yellow jackets by the dozen.
  • Gimmick

    Terry, 7/10/2014 I have used the plastic traps from Tractor supply with great results but they are not the prettiest things to look at. So when I came across these I thought I would give it a try. I have had it out for a week now with sprite in it and not a single fly or wasp. I have tried three different spots on the front porch with no luck. Right now it is hanging within a foot of a yellow jacket nest and no yellow jackets in my trap. Cool to look at but worthless if you want to catch anything.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Victorian Wasp Traps. We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble with them. We spoke to our technician and he has suggested a mixture of vinegar, salt, and sugar water. This will attract the wasps, but not the bees. You may also try different mixtures of honey and water. We found that this works quite well in capturing wasps.
  • Better Than Sticky Traps

    Belinda, 12/30/2013 This wasp trap looks so much better than the plastic models that you see. My mother-in-law always is getting her hair stuck in the sticky traps, so now she won't have to.
  • Simplicity!!

    Shirley C. Smoak, 12/17/2013 This product works ... I purchased the wasp traps for a house located near a river. The traps are simple to use...a quality product that is so effective. I recommend the wasp traps for any area affected by the stinging insects!
  • Catching Em!!!

    Rosemary Kuhlman, 12/2/2013 Within an hour of receiving my wasp/fly catcher, we had trapped over 40 waps and flies!!! Love this thing! Plus it looks cool.
  • They Work

    Kurt Schuster, 7/17/2013 Nice looking and those stupid wasps can't resist a sip of Pepsi.
  • Glass Wasp Traps

    J. H. Written Jr., 4/26/2013 Ordered the 3 wasp trap package. Arrived sooner than expected. Upon unpacking discovered one of the traps was broken. Called Garrett Wade. Gave one of their reps the necessary info. She apologized for the broken trap and told me a replacement would be shipped shortly. Can't beat that. The traps were extremely well packaged with each trap wrapped in heavy paper, placed in a box, then the 3 boxes placed in another box with heavy paper. I do not see how they could have been packaged any better. Well done Garrett Wade.
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