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A 19th century icon of competence and authority
02D08.05 Traditional Pocket Watch

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In the style of a traditional analog pocket watch, (but battery operated to spare you the often forgotten task of winding) complete with a 12" long chain which has a belt hook on the end. The face is 1 ½” in diameter. Pull it out by the chain, spring open the attractive dimpled aluminum cover, and read the time of the day on the dial. It feels great to go through this simple ritual.

Not only fine looking, the pocket watch is often a more practical timepiece option: if you work with machinery (inside or outside) the vibration can be really hard on your wristwatch. You may not notice any obvious ill effect, but can it really be that good for it? (Personally, this writer always takes his off.) Instead of taking that risk, just slip this little beauty in your pocket – just like the railroad conductors did.

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Overall Rating
  • Battery Replacement Instructions would be nice

    Michael Rbinson, 12/5/2020 Great Pocket Watch!!! However, after a little more than a years worth of use the battery is beginning to give out!! Instructions on battery size and access would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  • Pocket watch

    Timothy , 2/19/2020 I had carried one of my grandfathers pocket watches for years, but lost it in a house fire. Saw this pocket watch and bought it. Not like the old one, but I love it - easy to read and love that is battery operated. Great buy! While we’re talking grandpa - buy the Grandpas weeder - back saver and fun work.
  • Pocket watch

    Kathy Bilden, 7/15/2019 Need information about how to put a new battery in - there was nothing to explain anything about the watch and for the price there should have been something! Was very pleased with the looks and also it was a gift so really needed some info for the receiver!

    Drean, 2/25/2019 Happy with the watch so far. Keeps good time but its quarter turn position doesn't make it easy to see.
  • Understated Classic.

    Raymond G. Gaylord, 8/23/2018 Very attractive pocket watch, clean lines, efficient easy to read face, a low key classic.
  • Need little item

    Michael Bianca, 2/15/2018 So far so good. Love the look but it didn't come with any supporting information. For instance, I wasn't sure if I needed to wind it! Looked up on the web page to learn it is battery powered.
  • Poor Quality

    Jerry, 12/18/2017 Poor quality control. I opened my box and the watch fell into three (3) pieces. After looking at it, I found the interior to be of little better quality. I will be returning it for a refund.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We believe you may have received a defective Pocket Watch, and we apologize for that. If you would like to try again, please feel free to request that our technician check out the watch thoroughly for any defects. Again, we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.>

  • simple yet fine

    Martha Hodges, 12/15/2017 Lovely presentation. My husband's first reaction was that his old one just needed a battery. But the looks won him over. It's a bit smaller than many pocket watches and, hence, fits into the hand and pocket so much better. The numbers are big enough to read without glasses. A big plus at our age. I'd like to get the front engraved.
  • Mr.

    John Otero, 3/5/2017 I like the watch but like to know where it was made. Something about the craftsmanship would be nice.
  • Pocket watch

    M Hogan, 10/22/2016 This watch has an easy-to-read face. The watch is nice and light and looks terrific!
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