Traditional Toy Drum

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Traditional Toy Drum
Brings a smile to your face
Brightly painted wooden frame with goat skin drum heads
78A03.06 Traditional Toy Drum

Available 11/01/2019


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We found these beautifully made and festively painted drums while traveling. The frames are all wood (with two wood drumsticks), and boldly painted in red and yellow. A sturdy black nylon string secures the drum for carrying around the neck. The two drum heads are real goat skin, with a fine striking sound. This is a drum with a very traditional look and feel, and will make one of the younger people on your shopping list very happy. After all, what holiday gift is more traditional than a child’s toy drum?

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  • Classic Old Time Quality and Fun!

    Jo Dumas, 12/4/2018 Simple and Well-Made
    Beautiful Sound
    Memory Maker
  • Great Quality and a Classic Christmas Gift!

    Ryan Bonney, 11/14/2017 This Traditional Toy Drum is a Christmas gift that I've bought for my 2-year-old son. He, like most toddlers, loves to "drum" and bang on anything with anything! Up until this coming Christmas, he's had to make do with spatulas, spoons and various other kitchen implements to experiment and express his interest in all things percussion, but now he will have a beautifully made drum complete with drumsticks perfectly sized for his little hands! Our drum was not identical to that pictured on the website or in the catalog. It doesn't feature the bright yellow and red colors, rather it is painted with more subdued, earthy hues. This makes no difference to the end user, as he is two! My kid will love this thing no matter what it looks like, its the sound quality that matters and the genuine goat skin drum heads on both sides of this little drum arrived in perfect condition and they produce a fantastic snare-type sound. It also features a proper length braided nylon cord so that it can be carried about 1776-Minuteman style over the back of the neck. Very cool and very well constructed. I had to wait to receive it for about 3 months, as it had been back-ordered, so if you want one for your young musician in time for this Christmas, I'd advise you to order it now while Garrett Wade has them In Stock!
  • Little drummer boy

    Catherine Book , 11/14/2017 Timber and quality remarkable. Was all my 4 yo grandson wanted for his birthday and surprised everyone how nice it was! Thank you
  • Perfect first drum

    Ellen Lee, 12/4/2016 I ordered a traditional toy drum as a Christmas gift for each of two great grandsons. Both are toddlers, and a drum is a good mechanism for expressing rhythm as they listen to music, as well as a good way to just make noise. The drums are exactly as pictured and as described in the catalog. I am very pleased with their quality of workmanship. Great value.
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