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Superbly designed - easy to use and stack
06E01.07 2-1/2 x 5 x 1" Micro Box

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06E01.08 3-1/2 x 6 x 1" Mini Box

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06E01.05 4 x 8 x 1" Small Box

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06E01.09 4-1/2 x 6 x 2" Medium Box

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06E01.06 6 x 9 x 2" Large Box

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Every one of us has lots of small stuff that we only need to access from time to time, but is best kept well organized and visible - screws, bolts, jewelry, small parts, hobby items, small tools or parts, myriad personal bits and pieces etc.

This group of five small transparent boxes made of a very high quality polymer and bound with non-skid corners is the best solution we have ever seen. Ranging in size from 2-1/2 x 5 x 1" up to 6 x 9 x 2", each has interior dividers (some are movable) for flexible use, The lids all open and latch shut easily and perhaps best of all you can always see what's in each compartment.

Every one of you will have different needs, so you can custom pick your order to fit the size mix that you can best use. The more pieces you order, the less they cost. Mix and match. Customize to your heart's content. We think they are terrific. You should love them.

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Overall Rating
  • Great quality

    Virginia , 11/20/2020 Great quality, it has an upper and lower layer, both with dividers. I’m planning on buying more of them.
  • Perfect Small Storage

    Alex, 11/9/2020 Love the non-slip rubberized corners, a little detail I wasn't expecting. These are also remarkably good value. Perfect for putting whatever bits of hardware I need for my current project, so I'm not just dropping screws etc into whatever nearby container is available!
  • Where did I...?

    WhereAntonio, 10/23/2020 The right size for those nifty little indispensable must haves that we never find when needed. Now here they are!
  • Nifty box

    GMB, 10/22/2020 Really sturdy and not slippy at all. No worries about it opening and spilling it's contents by accidents.
  • solid storage box

    Robert Johnson, 10/14/2020 Very sturdy, top tray enhances usability
  • Great for small storage

    Gillian Shasby, 9/11/2020 sturdy box, I like the no-slip edges, tight clasps. Great for holding findings.
  • Storage container

    Craig , 9/6/2020 Great storage containers perfect for my pen kits
  • Storage upgrade at a very good price

    Gregory Tucker , 9/6/2020 These are far better than the flimsy boxes that hardware assortments come in. Very sturdy, non slip corners, adjustable partitions, secure latches. I would prefer a more snug fit on the partitions - I secured them with a little hot glue. I loaded the large box full of heavy carbide end mills, must be about five pounds, and it could take more easily.
  • I love these!

    Rob, 9/4/2020 These are, in my opinion, the best boxes of their kind. I use them to store fishing tackle components such as swivels and hooks. In my workshop, I use them to store the bushings I use in pen making. The fastening is very secure. This is very important, as the box opening up unexpectedly could be disastrous.
  • Good boxes

    Robert, 4/10/2020 Quality construction with easy modifications.
  • Transparent Storage Boxes For Your Shop Uses

    Davene, 2/23/2019 Latches look like they will last a long time and rubber edges help protect boxes and prevent for sliding.
  • Transparent Storage Boxes For Your Shop Uses

    Davene, 2/23/2019 Boxes have well made clasp and look like they will last long time.
  • 'Best storage boxes

    Michael Youngblood, 1/25/2019 I am restoring a vintage car and need these storage boxes to sort, store, and retrieve small parts, nuts, bolts, screws, etc. Your boxes are the sturdiest I have found with latches that don't wear out after a few dozen entries and exits. Also, the boxes come in convenient sites with flexible internal size options. My shop is better organized and more useful with these handy storage boxes.
  • Storage boxes

    Jennifer Rosamond, 12/5/2017 We love our boxes and we bought a couple sets for gifts. They are great for work shop, sewing room, any room where you have parts, keys, misc. to store and keep organized. Well made and sturdy. Highly recommend!
  • Perfect Storage

    Terry Crossfield, 11/20/2017 Absolutely perfect for small parts such as screws, washers and nuts.
  • Transparent Storage boxes

    Dennis Palmer, 10/22/2017 These are Great to store all sorts of items that are small. It keeps them water tight, all together and when you need them.
  • clear starage boxes

    Bob Bramson, 4/2/2017 We use them in our shop to store parts - We use a lot of them and it is a fair price for an item that works very well
  • More than just for shop use.

    Linda, 3/26/2017 I'm addicted to these little boxes! I use them for screws, washers, buttons, neeldles (I'm a seamstress). They are also great for beads and findings (I also make jewelry). The large ones are great for router or drill bits. They have endless uses. I'm sure that somewhere in Garrett Wade's customer order info there is an accounting of just how many of these things I've purchased. I don't want to know. My husband asks every time a GW box arrives just how many storage boxes are inside.
    I agree about those awful stickers though. I was happy to see that part of the last batch I ordered had the label loose and inside the box. Huge improvement!
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner March 2017 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Linda!!
  • works

    EDWARD WILLIAMS, 1/30/2017 perfect for what i need to organize different sizes and shapes
  • storage boxes

    Robert B. Neale, 1/20/2017 These are fine for organizing and storing small things but concur it would be user-friendly to ditch the stickers. Well made.
  • Great little storage containers

    K Robbins, 7/22/2016 Very durable, love that they seal so water can't get. Great because I work outside most of the time.I'm a medic on movie sets and they contain my gear great. It's raining right now and my gear is dry. Many thanks to this product.
  • Clear storage boxes

    Robert biswanger , 5/16/2016 Great storage boxes. Seals well keeping items from intermixing.
  • Stickers not nice

    W, 3/4/2016 I thought you guys would get rid of those stupid stickers by now. Ugh.
    Past complaints went unnoticed, so I guess it doesnt matter what is said.
    well built units but be prepared to scrubb off the junk.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comments regarding the Transparent Storage Boxes. We have once again passed on your comments for consideration.
  • Storage Boxes

    Kirk Kleist, 8/19/2015 Excellent use of space. Great variety of sizes for storage.
  • Nasty Stickers, Great Storage

    Bill, 3/14/2015 I received recently a variety of sizes of these great storage boxes! Half of them I really loved, the others not so much, those nasty 1x4 stickers! Yes they are huge! And they don't come off easy and they leave a nasty residue that any dirt immediately loves to hang out with. When I saw a review by Will in Jan 2014 warning about these stickers, I thought Garrett would be all over that, make that go away. They kind of did, half of mine were clean and ready to go, I love them! The others I spent more time trying to clean than worth the price I paid. Come on Garrett get it right! Otherwise these are well built and sturdy. Great shop item.
  • Great Product

    Donald Jones, 10/11/2014 I have a considerable need for a variety of plastic see through boxes for my shop and volunteer job in the technology department of my church. These are sturdy enough to take the punishment of my work shop and the repeated use a the church so I bought all of the sizes and am very pleased with them. They are flexible and fill the bill size wise very nicely. Great price too for excellent quality.
  • Storage Container

    Frank Embrescia, 9/1/2014 The box is well built with sturdy locks. I received a smaller box and I would really like something larger so I am going to order a couple of sizes up. I was so impressed with quality of the smaller box, I now have Sturdy, well made box WITH sturdy lock. Liked the smaller size that I just received and decided to purchase 2 of the larger sizes
  • Great Cases

    Luci Henderson, 8/27/2014 I have purchased all four sizes - all are high quality, long lasting and very useful. I just wish there was an even larger size.
  • Great, Versatile Boxes

    Doug, 3/20/2014
  • Good Overall

    Will, 1/2/2014 These are always good for stocking stuffers for all. They were appreciated for the cushioned corner pads and removable dividers that allow customization. The huge (1X4) inventory labels stuck right on top of each one were not appreciated--they came off hard and then we had to clean the residue. There's a better way here. "
  • Perfect Storage Box

    Glenn, 12/24/2013 Great see-through storage box for small components and parts. The lower bins are large enough for up to 1-1/2 bolts and the upper tray has a handy tray and some dividers to allow a bit of "custom" fitting. The box has great snap fasteners to close and the reinforced corners protect the contents if you happen to drop the box. I also like the fact that the material allows the use of adhesive labels - I use clear with black lettering. I have several sizes and will continue to order this product.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner December 2013 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Glenn!!"
  • Fantastic

    Mary, 10/29/2013 These boxes are a lifesaver for keeping my workspace organized, and my work processes smooth - the customizable interiors make it easy to put together kits for every stage of my work. (I'm a jeweler, so bits and bobs would get everywhere without these!) They stack in quite a stable fashion, and are very sturdy, as well.
  • Small Storage Box

    Barbara Lowes, 4/27/2013 I have ordered these storage boxes before and liked the size closure lock. However, this time the blue clasp closure did not lock tightly on some of the boxes.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Transparent Storage Boxes. We're sorry to hear that there is difficulty closing some of them. Please send those which are not closing properly back to us using the return label and we will gladly replace them for you. It sounds like you may have received a few defective boxes. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Labels

    F. Densmore, 3/4/2013 I am always pleased by the product and service quality from Garrett Wade. My suggestion for improvement has to do with your inventory labels and their occasional placement on the product itself. The adhesive is aggressive and solvent is required to remove them, which is a nuisance.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Transparent Storage Boxes. We are very grateful that you brought this to our attention. We have since changed the labeling to a less sticky material that will easily peel from the boxes.
  • Boat Carpenter

    Earl Mathiesen, 2/22/2013 I do interior woodwork on yachts and often need various small bits and drivers for my tools. These boxes work great and store nicely in my tool bags.
  • Just right storage

    Paul Rottschaefer, 1/3/2013 All the containers were ideal for organizing and storing certain items at work. Probably will get some more.
  • Jerry A. Shaw, 5/7/2012 I didn't expect these storage boxes to be so adjustable. You can remove the dividers on some of the boxes to make them even more accountable for storage. The multiple sizes are very helpful for the different things to store. Very happy I ordered the different size boxes.
  • Not Just For The Shop

    Linda, 4/23/2012 I sew, I do metal work and I work with wood so these little boxes have many uses. I keep buttons in some, findings and beads in some and of course screws, washers and many other small bits in others. I prefer these to drawers because you can see at a glance what is in them. Love them.
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