Traveling Croquet Set made in France

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Clearance Traveling Croquet Set made in France
a beautiful classic backyard set packed in a handy wheeled cart
20B04.11 French Croquet Set

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For us, Croquet is a fun way to spend the afternoon with family or friends. Our Portable Croquet set easily travels to the local park, a friend's house, the beach, or just to your lawn from your garage. Features four mallets (34-1/4” in length) & four matching balls, two wooden stakes, and nine metal wickets (enough to play the double-diamond setup of most backyard matches). Mallets, balls and stakes are lightly oiled beech. The handy storage-stand has bungees to hold everything in place, a carrying handle, and built-in wheels. Comes with rules and a diagram of some of the most popular wicket setups. And for the record, if given the choice of running a wicket or sending an opponent's ball far away, we go with the latter every time.

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