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Learn how to take a castle
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In medieval times the task would be to fling heavy stones or other nasty stuff over the walls to batter the defenders into submission. Accuracy was helpful and this is where the Trebuchet design shines. The construction notes are excellent, but the real genius is in the notes about how to use the model. The Swing Arm, Counterweight Basket, Delivery Sling Pouch, Release Ring, Release Peg, Swing Arm Axle (and more) are alien terms to us now, but each plays a crucial role in getting what is being "delivered" to the intended spot. There are many variables at work. Real engineering stuff.

Needless to say, make sure no one is in the area of the "target" when you are experimenting with this wonderful toy. Recommended for age 7 to 77. Have fun. Construct, Launch, Bombard.

From the same award-winning diabolical educators who bring us the Build-Your-Own-Catapult Kit Model.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Toy Contains Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
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  • Excellent instructions

    Bill Stevens, 3/23/2017 I have gotten some things from G-W before where the instructions were so byzantine that I was completely lost, but not with this trebuchet. It was very clear how to put it together, and glueing time was an hour or so. The only problem was that my grandson and I watched some youtube videos of trebuchets while the glue was drying and when he heard that they were used to shoot dead animals over castle walls he was disappointed to learn that this little model wouldn't shoot a dead animal much larger than a cockroach. Oh well.
  • Trebuchet

    Ron, 12/6/2014 I bought the trebuchet for my son who is stationed in Germany as a Christmas present. He built one for his high school senior project and I thought he would enjoy this trebuchet. It would be hard to rate this until he can put it together and play with it. Even my wife thought that he would enjoy it.
  • Memories With My Son

    John Marr, 12/12/2013 My son loves building things. After watching Pumpkin Chucking on TV I purchased this for him. We put it together with ease and he loves throwing his pumpkins" at his field and driving Lego trucks out to measure."
  • Who wouldn't love this little Trebuchet?

    Rick Lincroft, 11/22/2013 The Trebuchet was the finest example of gravity-powered artillery ever created. This is a fine working model of a classic Trebuchet, illustrating all the principles involved with these powerful siege engines. It's also both darn fun to build, and play with! For those that can't leave well enough alone, I recommend adding a set of wheels at each corner, as this will increase the model's power and range, by allowing the throwing arm a longer stroke. Of course, this often leads to wanting to build a full-sized one in your backyard. Which, in turn, leads to flinging bowling balls around the neighborhood. But at least you're in the right place to get all the tools you'll need.
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