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These Historic Stainless Steel Trimming Scissors Are As Fine As They Get
02B12.01 Profess. Mustache Scissors

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02D12.10 Mustache Trimming Kit (Comb & Scissors)

Available 05/25/2021

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The very best scissors are made by a few firms using hot forging techniques, with a strong adherence to traditional method and very careful quality control. The result is a far better tool - one with the necessary strength but a much thinner, lighter weight blade that is hollow-ground by hand.

The 4-5/8" long Professional Mustache Scissors are as fine as they get. The blades were all made as a matched set throughout forging and grinding. Get the special Mustache Comb (which comes with the leather sleeve pictured) and Professional Scissors together and Save.

Made in France.

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Overall Rating
  • Mustache scissors

    julie didinger, 12/27/2020 I ordered the mustache scissors for my husband to put in his stocking for Christmas. Your catalog is very nicely done so I expected the scissors to come in a logo box or storage pouch, they didn’t! They were a cheap manufacturer pouch floating around in the bottom of the box containing the Grandpa Weeder that I also ordered. That box was pretty beaten up when it arrived but fortunately the little scissors were still in there. I was very disappointed with the presentation.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Trimming and Mustache Scissors. We apologize that they didn't arrive in a presentable box. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will be looking into this issue. We appreciate your feedback.
  • Good but not great

    Joseph Brophy, 12/1/2020 Sharp and well made, but the handles are uncomfortable to use.
  • The Best

    Walt Richards , 9/8/2020 Very sharp.Cuts at the very tip. I couldn't be more pleased with these scissors.They're the best I,ve ever had.

  • Mustache Scissors and Comb a Hit!

    Anita Iacovino, 1/19/2020 Purchased this set as an anniversary gift for my husband. He absolutely loves it, making even trimming so easy.
  • Another Quality Product from Garrett Wade

    Joseph , 1/5/2020 Very nice pair of sharp scissors for trimming my beard and mustache. I keep them in the protective sleeve and use them only for their intended purpose.
  • Great mustache/beard scissors

    DC, 1/4/2020 Great scissors, really superb, had to finally replace my (?10 year old) previous pair. Unlike many others they actually work, and work well
  • Mustache Scissors - Great

    Ken Monroe, 5/26/2019 Great scissors. Sharp. Work in my left hand. Comfortable.
  • Top Notch!

    Walter Zernis, 5/18/2019 Effortless precision cutting, may be the last pair of scizzors I’ll ever need! Top quality craftsmanship, all their cutting tools are awesome!
  • excellant

    Richard Ptomey, 1/26/2019 So sharp!!! Love them
  • Mustache trimmer/scissors

    Marvin Huitfeldt, 11/23/2018 Best scissors ever!
  • The Best!

    Glenn, 1/9/2017 The BEST scissors yet for cutting a mustache! Sharp and easy to handle.
  • prof trimming scizzors

    Deb, 12/14/2016 Love the shape of the handle and they cut very cleanly
  • Excellent combination

    Steven J Haas, 10/28/2016 I've had a mustache and beard for the last twenty five years and this has been the best scissors & comb that I have used in grooming.
  • Mr.

    STANLEY FISHER , 9/2/2016 Best ever!

    Kathy, 8/16/2016 Purchased as Christmas gifts for husband & 2 sons. Have no feedback as yet. Delivery & ordering experience was great.
  • The Best

    Harold Gill, 5/14/2016 The perfect fit for my fingers, the perfect sharpness, and the size makes this the best scissors to trim a mustache. Try them once and you will throw away the scissors you have been using.
  • mustache trimmer

    Donald , 3/16/2016 Define precision cutting instrument
  • awesome set!!!

    vincent , 3/5/2016 Comb feels precise going through my mustache and feels good in my hands. Scissors are the best i've used, I love the case it allows me to carry this and touch up my beard on the go. I highly recommend! !!!
  • Excellent Scissors

    Jerry Snelling, 2/5/2015 These are the best Mustache scissors I have found. Very sharp and very precise.
  • The Best Mustache Scissors Ever!

    Richard, 1/8/2015 Got these as a gift for my father-in-law while he's recuperating from a health issue. He has declared them The Best Mustache Scissors ever! Sharp, precise, easy to keep clean, easy to maneuver, great hand-feel, classy appearance!
  • A Quality Instrument

    Dr R Goldman, 8/14/2014 These scissors are a high quality instrument. They look good, cut extremely well without tug or pull, and the finger holes are perfect for my large fingers. Thanks for a value purchase!
  • Well Worth The Money

    Martin Sorin, 1/14/2014 These are great scissors - well-balanced, fit great in the hand, and best of all, do a nice job of keeping whiskers neat and trim.
  • Christmas Present

    Cathie Mansolilli, 12/20/2013 This is a Christmas present and I have not given it yet, so I'll have to get back to you. They are beautiful, that's for sure.
  • Best Ever

    CardboardCat, 12/11/2013 Where I live one cannot find a good pair of scissors. I took a chance and tried these. The are the best mustache scissors I have ever tried. The quality is superior over any other I have owned. If you need a very good mustache scissors get these. Definitely five out of five.
  • As Usual

    Dewain Delp, 12/7/2013 As usual, Garrett Wade tools are not just the best, often they are works of art. I was so impressed with the comb that I am going to order some of their larger sizes. My SO trims my beard and she loves both the comb and the scissors.
  • Best Mustache Trimming Scissors

    K.A., 2/28/2013 There are no doubts about the quality of this scissors. Very elegant too. The didn't give a 5 star rating because, I was disappointed that it didn't arrive in a leather cover(for the price being charged) as shown in this picture (as advertised).

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review of the Professional Moustache Scissors. We are glad to hear that you seem overall happy with them but feel we should apologize that a leather cover, such as pictured on our website, was not included. We hope that the now amended description will not cause any confusion to our customers. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and again, our apologies for the oversight.
  • Sharp Snip

    Steve Klass, 6/25/2012 These are as light weight and sharp a pair of scissors as I have owned. They are comfortable on the hand (even with warped arthritic fingers) and get the job done.
  • Not As Pictured

    Lawrence, 12/20/2010 I've ordered both mustache scissors from this purveyor's site and these are the most handsomely made. While they are similar to their photo, they are not the same. Those which I was sent; close completely flat at the finger holes, not as pictured, to a point forming a V" shape. However, I am not disappointed with the alternative shape.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We had not caught this change from the manufacturer until we heard from you, Lawrence, so thanks a million for the heads-up! Check out our new image above, which should match the scissors you received. Still beautiful, we think, and now thanks to you Lawrence, correctly depicted."
  • Top Quality and Style

    Richie, 12/17/2010 They are so nice I had to order a second pair.
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