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Clearance Triple Action Clutch Yo-Yo
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Fixed Axle, Free Spin & Auto Return; For beginners & experts alike
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69Y01.02 High Performance Yo-Yo (Red)

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69Y01.03 High Performance Yo-Yo (Blue)

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Our High Performance Yo-Yo is Swiss-designed and made of durable polycarbonate (the same trusty stuff used in bullet-proof glass) and features a triple-action clutch for fixed axle, auto-return and free spin operation. It is perfectly-balanced with an ergonomic butterfly-style design and a translucent body which allows full visibility of the sophisticated mechanics within.

Best of all (for novices like us) an integral switch controls the interior clutch-mechanism and allows the user to easily switch between modes of operation. Switching from beginner to pro-level functionality makes the yo-yo suitable for any proficiency level in the family, and it will still be fun and challenging even as skills improve. Makes a really good stocking stuffer. In translucent red or blue.

Buy three or more of any color - including mixed colors - and save 10%

FUN FACT: Baby boomers (like us) might think the yo-yo was born in the 50's along with the hula hoop, but in fact, it is civilization's second oldest recorded child's toy - pre-dated only by the doll.

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  • German Yo Yo

    Gay Dickinson, 6/2/2017 This Yo Yo seemed to work like described with the added features for beginner, and advanced tricks. However, the web site for instructions in the yo yo tricks was not able to be used and we found a better site on line for this information. Under "How to do Stuff", " Easy Yo Yo tricks"is a good resource with additional help for the advanced tricks level.
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