Tweezer, Leather Mallet & Sandbag

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Tweezer, Leather Mallet & Sandbag
the right tools for those unplanned tasks
88H03.11 Set of 3 Craft Necessities

Available 10/10/2020


88H03.13 Sandbags (2)

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Be prepared for unusual tasks with these three tools that you probably never thought of, but will be glad you have when the need suddenly arises. The Leather Mallet is perfect when you need to tap a surface that you don't want to risk bruising. The Tweezer fitted to an elevating rack is indispensable when you need to hold a small object securely off the surface, while you work with other tools. And the 6" diameter, 16 oz. soft leather Sandbag is a gentle weight you can plop on anything, when needed, or you can use to hold an awkwardly shaped object in place.

We offer the Sandbag, Mallet and the special Tweezer in a fitted zippered fabric case as a kit of three unusual but highly useful "helpers." We also offer the Sandbag separately as a bunch of two (no case). A huge value and a huge help.

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  • Sandbag

    David L. Horwitz, 1/10/2020 I purchased these on December 14, 2019. The weight is 15 1/2 oz. The overall diameter is 6 inches, but the working diameter is five inches. The seam is 1/4 inch from the outer edge to the working surface. These bags are high quality: The leather is thick and supple and the seams are triple stitched. While the product description only lists the uses as a weight or a holder, the bags are used for much more. They are what is known as a "beater bag" and are used in the metal working trades -including jewelry and crafting - to provide a base for forming curves in light gauge or soft metal. There are many videos on the Internet that will provide you with tutorials on making and repairing metal items with them. These bags are sized for light to medium forming. The suede surface will hold the metal better than smooth surfaced bags. A lesser know use for these bags is that of a soft assembly or dead blow hammer. Hold the bag in the palm of your hand and strike the surface. The sand will cushion your hand against injury and the soft leather will not dent or deface the surface of the item. You can glue a leather strip to the seams to cross the diameter to serve as strap around the back of your hand to make holding the bag more secure. Do not sew or rivet the strap - you will weaken the seam and risk leaking the sand. Don't strike points or anything that would puncture the bag. In caring for the bag, do not treat it with waterproofing wax as it will ruin the friction qualities of the suede by matting it down and making the surface slick. Do not treat the suede with preservatives or oils - that will soften and weaken the leather causing it to tear under the stress of hammer blows. Store the bag where air can reach it, but not in direct sunlight, and never in a sealed plastic bag. Do not allow it to become wet, which will both stiffen the leather and could cause mold. Of course, work only with clean materials so as not to soil the leather. The price for the two bags is a great bargain even without a discount or sale. These are first-rate bags at a value price. They are unquestionably worth the cost for their quality and versatility. These are hidden gems in the Garrett Wade catalog.
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