Two Fantastic USA Made Woodworking Saws

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Two Fantastic USA Made Woodworking Saws
dovetail saw & benchtop saw
26S01.01 Dovetail Saw

Available 01/25/2021


26S01.02 Nimble Benchtop Saw

Available 01/25/2021


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The maker who makes these beautiful Woodworking Saws is a craftsman who decided that he wanted to learn to make his own tools. Piece by piece, he learned every aspect of the process. He produces every component – saw blades, spines and handles – in his own shop. This proud, all-under-one-roof manufacturing approach allows the maker to personally produce every piece to exacting standards. His goal – professional-grade tools at affordable prices – lines up perfectly with our own.

The Dovetail Saw is invaluable for making that most iconic joint in cabinetry. This blade is made from 1095 spring steel and has a 1 5/8" depth of cut and a 9" brass-back plate. The stylish and ergonomic handle is Cherry wood. The fine 15 PPI teeth make easy work of cutting the necessary angled rips.

The Benchtop Saw is quite fantastic for its all-around utility. With a 14" long blade, it is much more nimble than a full-size panel saw. Light and compact, and the hybrid 11 PPI teeth make it a go-to saw for both ripping and crosscutting. The handle is also Cherry wood. These saws are beautiful.
Japanese Ryoba Saw Vs Western Benchtop Saw

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Overall Rating
  • A Thing of Beauty Really Is a Joy Forever.

    J. Daw, 1/17/2021 This is an amazing saw, and has quickly taken its place as one of the best tools I own. I was skeptical about a hybrid saw, but I have ripped and crosscut with it, and it tracks like a dream in either case. It is incredibly sharp, the teeth are perfectly set, and the handle is amazingly comfortable. It is also a thing of beauty, and I look forward to having it and using it for a long, long time.
  • Best Saw I have

    Collin, 10/13/2020 I have a beautiful dovetail saw from Erik Florip and love using it. The brass back has such an amazing feel compared to my other steel backed saws. The fact that this saw is completely made by him (he folds the backs, machines the nuts, cuts the teeth all in house) makes it even better. Very happy my favorite saw is also made by a US Vet.
  • Dovetail saw is great for beginners and experts

    Robert, 9/3/2020 Have had the dovetail saw for a couple of months and love it. I’ve used the quarantine time to learn how to hand cut dovetails and this saw works beautifully. A bonus for me is that it’s made in my home state of Michigan.
  • Great American made tool made by a great American. Semper Fi

    Bob Rossi, 4/3/2020 I purchased my saw directly from Erik. This is the best value of any tool in my shop.
    It cuts like a dream, stays on line and is just fun to use.
  • Hybrid Bench Saw

    Scott D, 3/9/2020 I've been using Japanese saws for the most part but wanted to expand my meager collection so got the Hybrid Bench Saw. Beautiful tool. Comfortable grip. Ripped a 1-by in halves to make a bookmatched top for my box. Cuts well. I hope to get the dovetail saw next time.
  • Dovetail Saw

    Charles, 7/28/2019 Tried it out and it cuts very well and is comfortable in the hand. The reason that I gave it 4 stars is that the hand grip is a little rough. It should be finished better. I sanded it down and gave it three coats of wipe on polyurethane. Overall good saw. Would like to purchase the bench saw next.
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