Two-Handed Clearance Machete

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Sale Two-Handed Clearance Machete
A unique tool for maximum cutting power
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04D04.33 Two-Handed Clearance Machete

Available 03/16/2018

Regular Price: $174.00

Special Price $149.00

Measuring a whopping 27-¾” overall, with a 18” L blade and a 9-¾” double grip hardwood handle, our largest cutting and clearing tool gives you the natural capacity to put your full upper body strength into your swing. Most Machetes (including our other models) are single-grip tools, requiring all the power to come from just one arm and shoulder, but the two-handed design of this model increases your cutting strength by at least 2-1/2 times, by our best estimate.

This two handed machete comes with a beautifully fitted 1/8” thick, double-snap leather case with a ring-attached belt loop. It’s a bit more costly, of course, but we are very impressed with the difference in results, and you will be too.
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