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09A03.06 Wood Handled Folding Knife, 3" Blade

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62C01.04 White Handled Folding Knife, 3" Blade

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62C01.10 Both Decorated Bolster Folding Knives

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A pocket knife is a pocket knife, right? Nope. We look at hundreds of folders every year, and once in a while, we'll see some that really stand out aesthetically. Like these. The etched bolsters and stainless-steel liners are eye-catching for sure, and add a touch of elegance to this hefty and classic American-style hunting folder. As such, this knife features traditional elements like a clip-point, deep-belly blade and a lock-back mechanism that secures the blade when open. Comes in two different handle styles: the brown scales are Pakkawood, a reconstituted, composite wood; the white scales are made of ABS, a hard and resilient plastic often used for housings in power drills and other tools. Both materials are highly durable, so they work well for everyday carry knives. 3” blade, 7-1/4” overall. A great value for your money. Fits our full size leather knife sheath (sold separately).
Wood Handled Knife Specs
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
White Handled Knife Specs
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:

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Overall Rating
  • Defect

    Jason Padgett, 12/17/2020 I wish I could upload a photo. The top pin was missed during the punch. It's caused a divot in the metal with sharp edges and an unpunched pin. It's a beautiful knife but now I have a few hours work to fix it, while still having a blemish.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Folding Knife. It appears that you have received a defective one. Please feel free to return it for a refund or an exchange. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Great Knife!

    Michael, 11/1/2020 Beautiful knife and the quality is superb.
  • More Beautiful than the Photos

    Richard, 9/6/2020 I missed the deadline for the sale, but your sales associate saw how upset I was, because I was going to etch the handles and give them as Christmas presents, he graciously honored the sales price for me. Beautiful knives!!! You guys are the best!!!
  • Great knife!

    Jen, 8/23/2020 It’s a beautiful knife! I got it for a gift and they absolutely loved it!
  • Beautiful knife

    Alison , 5/2/2020 Beautiful knife. Feels solid. Shipped and received quickly.
  • Handsome knives

    James, 11/30/2019 Beautiful handles, white looks like Ivory. Well made knives
  • Two fine knives

    Richard Novak, 12/9/2018 Tow very good looking knives for my small collection.The pattern in the brown wood is very nice. White handled one looks very good. I like the metal matterns,, they are well done.
  • Two folding knives

    Aaron Conrad, 12/9/2018 The knives are great, nice feel and weight. the only complaint is the small boxes the knives came in were crushed. These are gifts and had to be repackaged before wrapping. The order was filled, shipped, and received quickly.
  • Nice Knife

    todd f ouellet, 8/5/2018 Knife as listed. Well made. I bought it as a stocking as a side gift for some later occasion.
  • wood handeled folding knives

    Ronald Sands, 7/9/2018 great combo
  • folding wood handle knife

    Ronald Sands, 7/9/2018 great knile
  • Exceptional

    D.B Kooper, 6/22/2018 Very nice! Great deal, high quality.
  • Beautiful Knives well worth the dollars

    William T. Watson, 4/27/2018 I ordered both knives. One for me and one for the wife. Very well built knives. I like the weight. Feels very substantial in your hand.
  • Knives to have

    Paul, 4/7/2018 I give it a 5 star. I am impressed with the balance and how heavy it is. If anyone needs a well crafted knife this the one. I have told my friends and I know of 2 who have ordered one. as usual Garrett Wade has hit the mark
  • Two Handsome Folding Knives

    john, 11/20/2017 great quality very sharp well made
  • So far so good

    Jack, 8/28/2017 Knife seems very well made... Lockback is really firm! The white plastic seems a bit light duty, but I will reserve judgement until I use it for a while. Blade came very sharp. Seems to hold an edge in the first couple weeks. We shall see. Sure it is pretty tho....
  • My Surprise

    Darrell Mallory, 7/4/2017 What a nice surprise! I bought these because I liked the looks and I was not disappointed.
  • Great knife

    steve, 2/12/2017 Great high quality knife. Very sharp, sharp like ouch.The knife is a bit heavy, but not heavy enough where you get a work out.
  • Beautifully Forged Knives

    Donna Steed, 12/26/2016 I bought two of these knives, one for myself, which I was NOT disappointed, and another for a male friend, who was really excited to receive it. The knives are of high quality and the handles are just beautiful! The steal blades are forged professionally! All were happy!!
  • Great knives

    Stan, 11/21/2016 Very nice knives at a great price. I liked so much I ordered two more!
  • Mr

    Sonny, 10/22/2016 Have bought this knife before, great weight, although it should come with a sheath.
  • Cuts a mean rug, pretty and functional

    Barbara C. Thompson, 9/2/2016 As a farm and DIY woman I often am in need of a great pocket knife, trimming fruit trees, cutting twine, slicing a tomato digging out a splinter and more and these knives looked to be just the thing. They are just a tad wider than I'd usually buy but seem to be working just great. Good sharp blade, nice design and hopefully durability. I can be pretty rough on a pocket knife, prying things a part or open, digging in the dirt or slugs out of a tree. Time will tell, but they are great for the price and look more expensive than they cost.Don't know what the handle on the white one is though!
  • foldinmg knives

    Don Bricker, 3/4/2016 on the farm I carry a knife always. I am very hard on it using it to dig up rocks, cut scrape and pry. These knives for the price are functional and durable and quite good looking
  • Great Knives

    Pat Fogarty, 10/3/2015 The knives are beautiful strong and keep their sharp edges, I would recommend them to all of my friends! Great price also!!
  • Great Knives!

    Garry Wilson, 8/24/2015 These are absolutely great knives! I ordered my first set a few weeks ago, and liked them so much, I ordered a second set as a gift for my twin brother in Kentucky. I just mailed them to him today, and although he doesn't really deserve such a fine gift, considering OUR birthday is September 11, I decided to treat him to a very special gift this year! Even for twice the price, these knives would have been a great bargain. They are strong, well-made, and very handsome. I especially like the wood grain in the handle of the one. I have about 60 special knives in my collection that I display on a table reserved for them on my patio; including a beautiful Buck folding knife I bought in 1972 at Air Force Survival School enroute to my combat assignment flying AC-130A Spectre Gunships during the Vietnam War. I was so impressed with these knives and Garrett Wade's knife selection that I also ordered their European Hunting Knife and Bowie Sheath Knife! And from what I have seen so far, I will be a returning customer often to add special pieces to my collection! Thank you Garrett Wade for providing people like me, who appreciate exceptional quality and workmanship with these GREAT KNIVES! Garry Wilson
  • Knives

    Bronson Springstead, 10/22/2014 Great knives for the price. They were purchased as Christmas gifts but now I am wondering??? Maybe I should just add them to my knife collection.
  • Knives

    Donald Masyada, 6/29/2014 Very good value for the price. I use them for customer gifts & they are very well received. Hope that you can keep them in stock.
  • Attractive Knife

    WEM, 1/11/2014 Sturdy and attractive knife at a reasonable price.
  • Satisfaction

    Eugene Riley, 8/19/2013 Complete satisfaction, exactly what I wanted and expected, great service, good product, good price. Could not have expected more. Will purchase again when I see something I am interested in.
  • Will Be a Nice Gift

    Harold Gass, 7/20/2013 It is a nice looking knife and well made and will make a nice gift.
  • Beautiful Folding Knives

    Roger, 3/4/2013 I am not a knife collector, but I seem to be drawn to either practical knives that I plan on putting to daily use, or ornamental knives that I think are probably practical, but too beautiful to do anything but display and admire. The two HANDSOME FOLDING KNIVES that I just received from GW fits the latter category. The are now, without a doubt, the two most beautiful knives I own. And they are well made, balanced, sharp, and practical knives, if you're so inclined to put them to use. But not me; I plan to just enjoy their beauty.
  • Good Quality Knives

    David E. Penney, 1/21/2013 These two knives are very attractive, very well made, and of legal size in almost all jurisdictions. They would make an attractive addition to any collection, and yet are quite inexpensive. Highly recommended!
  • The Price is Right

    Tom Twaddle, 3/1/2011 This is very nice pair of knives. It's a pleasure to get such nice equipment for a very reasonable price. Have purchased more expensive knives that are lesser quality. Only time will tell as I put them through their paces for longevity.
  • A Handsome Gift

    Terry Polyak, 4/16/2010 I bought this for my son Adam,23yrs. I told him it was time he had a fine knife and that I thought he was finally responsible enough so as not to lose it! He appreciated both the knife and my vote of confidence in he maturity. The knife is well made and very handsome. Buy one and give it'll feel good about it!
  • Beauty and Function!

    TMcDowell, 10/16/2009 These two knives are not only beautiful, but are functional, razor sharp, and inexpensive! Hats off to G-W for their fine selection of knives and other tools that are almost impossible to find anywhere else.
  • Beautiful and Well Made

    Bruce, 10/5/2009 These knives look great! Although I only just got them, they are well constructed and I think they will be durable as well.
  • Classy Classic Folding Knife

    Rory, 9/29/2009 I purchased the small wood-handled knife, #07A01.08, to replace a well-worn blade that I carried for many years on excursions to look for craft items (carving wood, items for potpourri, etc). The size of this knife is perfect for my smaller (female) hands; it's very sturdy and well-made; and the design is aesthetically pleasing, as well! So far, this knife holds an edge well, and it also fits my holster (once I removed the clip from the knife, which was a simple job). This knife is great for my purposes, and I'm very pleased with it!
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