Oregon Hand-Forged Weeding Tools

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Oregon Hand-Forged Weeding Tools
Ball weeder & cape cod weeder
69A03.02 Cape Cod Weeder

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69A03.04 Ball Weeder

Available 10/05/2020


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The Ball Weeder and Cape Cod Weeder are two outstanding tools with a distinctive pedigree. They are hand-forged in Oregon, USA, by a fabricator who prides himself on making special and hard to find gardening tools. The Ball Weeder has a short, two-tined fork-end that hooks the weed root, and the ball acts as a fulcrum. The long handle gives you extra leverage in lifting out tough taproot weeds like dandelions. 8" long overall. The Cape Cod Weeder is a regional New England favorite, and works well on loose soil, as a type of scuffle as it moves through the soil. Works on the push or pull, and the point can also be driven straight into the soil to dig out deeper weeds. Cape Cod has a 6" long reach with a 3" blade.

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