Two Unusual Vintage Knives from Thiers France

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New Two Unusual Vintage Knives from Thiers France
01B06.32 “Cuisine-Ideale” Chef’s Knife

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01B06.33 Yatagan-Style Carving Knife

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The “Cuisine Ideale” Chef’s Knives were handcrafted in France decades ago. They are the perfect knife for home cook and professional chef alike, well balanced and stiff, with the classic chef’s knife blade profile, designed to deliver a rocking, cutting motion. With a 9" long carbon steel blade, and lovely Beechwood scales with three brass pins. Handle is 4¼" long. This beautiful knife is part of a trove of historical knives, from Thiers, France that have never before been used before. Quantities are limited. Hand-wash and dry only.

The French Yatagan-Style Carving Knife has an unusual blade shape inspired by the historic Turkish Yatagan pattern. The blade curves slightly forward at the top near the handle, and then tapers to a sharp point. With a narrow point end, and thin blade, this is an ideal fileting knife, but can pull double duty as an all-around utility blade. Approximately 13½" overall length, with a 9½" carbon steel blade. Three narrow steel pins affix the blade to Beechwood scales. Hand wash only and wipe dry immediately. Quantities are limited.

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