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Ultimate Tool Bag Kit
$ 247.15
The heart of the set is the Garrett Wade Leather Tool Bag. Made in the US of tough as nails buffalo leather. This fine USA-made carryall has been designed by Garrett Wade principally to hold and transport those select tools and accessories that we reach for 90% of the time to do chores (You know what they are.) It’s capacious enough to easily handle the necessities, but not so large or deep that it begins to be a catch-all for everything. The idea is that you can pick it up off your closet floor or workbench and move it easily and know that what you need will be found there.

Sized 15 x 7 x 7". Weighs 1½ lbs. empty. The body is made with 1/8" thick Buffalo hide with straps of cowhide. Fastening is by means of solid Copper rivets.

Then we've added the Iconic Garrett Wade’s Classic Push Drill a superb shop & on-site installation tool. This is a faithful re-introduction of the classic Yankee Push Drill that was once found in every shop and every job site tool bag. It was relied on by generations of woodworkers and active DIY’ers. It's made of chrome plated solid brass and beautifully finished custom-made for Garrett Wade.

This is a beautiful, fast-working, and very special tool, made of the same materials and furnished with original double fluted bits. Every woodworker and DIY’er should have one of these in his or her “quiver.” As you push down, the bit rotates clockwise, cutting the hole, When you stop pushing, the handle springs up and the bit rotates in the reverse direction—essentially self-clearing.

The bits are stored in the top of the handle and are easy to access. Just slip the size you want (any one of eight – 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, 1/8, 9/64, 5/32, 11/64") into the collet chuck, put the drill tip on the surface and push. Makes a hole up to 1-1/2" deep. The entire mechanism is protected inside the steel cover.

We added our new Versatile T-Handle Screwdriver which adjusts to three different driving positions. While you might have a multi-bit screwdriver this one is different and endlessly useful for all situations. The three distinct driving positions will help save wear and tear on your wrists, when working on jobs with lots of fasteners. The default position works as a straight-driver. But pull the head out, turn it 90-degrees, snap it back into place, and this tool becomes a right-angle, ratcheting screwdriver. Slide the head further down toward the middle and it becomes a T-Handle ratcheting driver. Both ratcheting positions can go left or right for screwing-in or unscrewing. Bits are held securely in place by a built-in magnet.

It comes with multiple common sized bits, in four fastener types: Phillips (4); Flat Slot (3); Torx (3); and Allen key (3). Bits can be stored in the hollow body of the handle – accessible via a screw-off bottom. Additional bits all fit snugly in an organized docking hub.

Lastly, we have our Lock-Back Hunter Knife in a USA made Leather Sheath. The Hunter is a classic knife style, originally created in 1963 for hunters, who wanted to combine the attributes of a sturdy fixed-blade knife with the compactness of a folding knife. Brass bolsters, four brass pins, an ebony handle, and a stiff locking mechanism are some of its classic features. The 3-3/4" long blade is 7/8" wide at the base, 8¾" long when open. The full-sized knife sheath is a perfect match.
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