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Bestseller Ultimate Versatile Vise
Offset arm and full-axis positioning.
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05R10.01 Ultimate Versatile Vise

Available 01/27/2021

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Versa Vise: The Ultimate Versatile Vise

The Garrett Wade Ultimate Versatile Vise can be fully oriented in two axes at the same time, giving you infinitely greater options in positioning. The versa vise head can fully rotate around its vertical mount, and with its unique offset arm, it can also pivot around horizontal axes. It can even be remounted horizontally to hold your work over the edge of your workbench. With versatility unequaled by any other shop vise available, the Versatile Vise is as useful for general shop and metalwork as it is for the woodworker, patternmaker and carver. This unique workbench vise is highly recommended for all working shops - it will pay for itself 100% the very first time you use its full capabilities. We are now shipping our newest version with improved castings.

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Quality Workbench Vise

This is a tale that requires a bit of history telling: Many decades ago, a small vise company in Ohio made a bench-top cast-iron vise that could be oriented on two axis simultaneously. We loved it. Our customers loved it. But sadly, it disappeared.

Then some years ago, a similar versa vise appeared on the market, but it was not the same. It was a decent tool but was a shadow of its former self because it was limited to one-axis orientation. What was missing was an Accessory Mount that transferred the "Frog into a Prince." We knew this, but apparently no one else figured it out because no improvement ever appeared. So we resolved to do it ourselves. Months later we have succeeded at creating the ideal workbench vise with the invaluable help of historical Flintlock builder and restorer, Jerry Crawford.

Garrett Wade's endeavor to bring the Ultimate Versatile Vise to our customers would not have been a success without the critical contributions of our new friend, and innovative craftsman, Jerry Crawford of Colorado.

Jerry is a retired woodworker and contemporary builder of 17th and 18th-century black powder rifles, as well as an inspired inventor and all-around ingenious tinkerer. History buffs in the black powder community or those who have visited the annual turkey shoot of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association in Friendship, Indiana are probably aware of Jerry's reputation as a skillful craftsman and creative innovator, and his generous help and guidance were critical to the success of our versa vise effort.

Thanks, Jerry, for your vital assistance in the development of the Ultimate Versatile Vise, which we hope will bring many woodworkers great satisfaction.  

Length: 11 in
Jaw Depth: 2-1/2 in
Jaw Width: 3-1/2 in
Height: 9-1/4 in
Max Jaw Opening: 4-1/2 in
Weight: 19 lbs

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Overall Rating
  • Ultimate Versatile Vice

    Keith, 1/3/2021 Bought the Ultimate Versatile Vice and have used it once so far and it is awesome.. I would recommend..
  • Best in the book.

    CHARLES, 11/16/2020 I gave my son-in-law the Garrett Wade catalogue and asked him to choose any three items he'd like to have. I would then select one of them for a gift to him. He enthusiastically chose only the Ultimate Versatile Vise, as the most utilitarian product in the whole catalogue, nothing else. He was thrilled to have it.
  • Interesting design, with some complications

    Jeremy Dillon, 7/12/2020 This is indeed a very versatile vice, it can adopt almost any position you'd like. This makes the vice very useful for some jobs (such as gripping long objects vertically, or gripping on a plane parallel to the bench) that traditional bench vices can't, and I'm glad to own it. It is an impressive display of engineering. However, one design feature causes an issue.

    In order to tighten and fully lock-in on one of its two axes of rotation, the jaws of the vice must be fully, indeed quite tightly, closed. An interesting and clever mechanism. However it should be noted that this means that it is not convenient to work on an object held in the vice jaws at less than full tightness, because the vice, not being fully tightened, will occasionally rotate a couple degrees if you apply enough force to the object on which you're working. Ideally, you will need to be able to fully close and tighten the jaws on whatever you're working on. This can be frustrating if you are used to being able to do light work in a vice without marring your work piece by clamping down hard on them. Rubber "soft jaws" are maybe more necessary for this vice than for traditional vices. I used a notebook to pad the piece I was working on, and was able to fully tighten the jaws. The design does include an auxiliary locking screw that works for holding the vice in place before tightening, but it isnt sufficient to ensure stability while working without the jaws being fully tightened.

    An interesting, novel and useful vice, but the novelty comes with some complications. For versatility, get this vice. For jobs easily accomplished with a traditional bench vice, opt for a traditional.
  • I like it!

    J Wexler, 6/22/2020 Nicely made, good configurability. For folk who make their own jaw liners, a dimensioned drawing would be helpful.
  • Portable

    David Busch, 6/20/2020 The perfect medium-sized vise. Nice large opening to accept a wide variety of objects. The design is ingenious, allowing for a variety of objects to the video and be held securely. I followed the video and mounted the base on a board for portability. Two vice clamps hold it to any work bench. I love it!
  • Very Well Made

    Jack Schul, 5/21/2020 As a blademaker I have several vices in my shop, I wanted one that could be positioned easily for tang file work this Garrett Wade Versatile Vice along with the magnetic jaw set has been a welcome addition, it is attractive, well cast, and holds good, even with the pressure of hand filing on hard steel.
  • Great purchase

    JLo, 5/17/2020 I like the size. The pivot and swivel functions work great
  • A must for any workbench

    David, 5/2/2020 I don’t know how I went this long without a bench vise!
    As soon as I received it, I had a use for it. No more trying to hold things with one hand and using a tool with the other. You can definitely get any angle you need to work on projects. I definitely recommend getting the 4 inch magnetic vise jaws to go with the vise to make it even more versatile.
  • Perfect for sharpening and woodwork

    Doug A., 3/23/2020 This vice is perfect for sharpening and woodwork in a small workshop. I got this to use in woodworking and for a home based sharpening service. I made a riser out of plywood so the Ultimate Versatile Vise will hold a mower blade, axes, and garden tools in the horizontal position. I have an idea for a way to hold a leather strop for knife blades too. Looking forward to finding more ways to use this Versatile vice in my space.
  • Best vice ever

    DON KULA, 2/4/2020 I am a woodcarver and tinkerer who, for years has been clamping various vices together to get the best orientation for my carvings and household item repairs. This vice takes away all of the frustration for figuring out how to place the working object /carving piece in the correct location. I only wish that this vice was available many years ago. On the bright side, new carvers and household tinkerers will not have to endure my frustration on getting your work in the correct position so you can have easy access to it.
  • Nice vise! But maybe a couple of added items would make it great.

    Margaret Cashman, 12/17/2019 Good vise! But I’d like to suggest including bolts to secure the base. Also, an instruction sheet would be helpful, as this is a complex vise (hence, its versatility).
  • Unusual vice, versatile but with 2 significant quirks.

    Michael, 5/8/2019 The 2-axis swivel is versatile, but be warned this vise comes with no jaw faces, you'll have to buy that accessory or build your own. The jaw edges are quite sharp (as they should be behind jaw faces), and predrilled to attach jaw faces with screws. Also note the movable jaw slides down a few millimeters as it comes tight, the jaws do not come straight together, and for some workpieces this might be a problem. This is part of the cam-lock mechanism, and can be lessened by tightening the adjusting bolt below. The jaws are 3 9/16 inches wide.
  • Vise

    Jim, 4/19/2019 Excellent
  • Marvelous Wood Working and General Purpose Vice

    Larry Struckmeyer, 4/1/2019 I worked at the small vice company that made the original Versa-Vice in the 1950s. My father was sales manager for the company which also manufactured coal stokers for the small to mid market such as homes and schools, along with may other products. I still have one of the origional ones in my shop. If this improved version holds up as well as the origionl it has to be a winner.
  • ultimate versatile vise

    Raymond L Zdan, 3/25/2019 I am really impressed with the quality and functionality of this vise. It is just what I needed for my hobby and for anything else that may come my way. Garrett Wade has excellent tools and service.
  • Only functional items in tiny NYC apt. kitchen/workshop.

    steven bush, 3/8/2019 I moved to NYC recently from Sweden to try to sell my concrete lighting designs. I skipped the workshop and made my apartment into my workshop and gallery. In my tiny kitchen I make forms, mix custom blends of concrete, pour and vibrate on a small table and polish with a water fed sander in my shower. Everything in here has to be functional. Period. Your vise is perfect. Not too big, the multi axis adjustment is great and it was a great price on sale. Regular price isn't even expensive for this little guy. The fact you guys research this stuff actively and have items produced is right up my alley. So I like the whole concept. Nice!
  • Table vice

    William Fisher , 3/4/2019 I have been looking for an affordable multi tasking vice for my longrifle building hobby and this one fits the bill. Its very well made and affordale. I highly recommend this vice.
  • Incredible vise.

    Wade, 2/18/2019 I haven’t had a chance to use it but have checked it out thoroughly. I love the 360 degree vertically and horizontal movements. The casting is great and the adjustability is incredible. It is exactly what I wanted and it is without question a much better product than any other parrot vises that I looked at. It really is worth the extra few bucks. Shipping was quick too. A++++ company.
  • Excellent vise

    Otto Geiger, 2/11/2019 This is a high quality, well made vise suitable for any shop. I do light gunsmithing at our gun shop and have struggled with other types of vise. I saw this one in use by a professional gunsmith and was very impressed by its capability so I got one.
  • Love it!

    Greyson Graham, 2/2/2019 Great quality, a little hard to get used to my vise being so adjustable but I like it!
  • Excellent for gunsmithing

    Gerald Davis, 1/23/2019 Great Vise. I have a machinist vise and a wood carving vise, and this rounds out everything that you could possibly ask for in a shop of tools regarding vises. I bought a couple of these from different manufacturers and the Garrett Wade vise won hands down for fit, finish, and the second hold down screw on the back. One last thing, the offset arm piece is steel on the Garrett Wade, the other one was made from aluminum. The steel is better. I am very happy.
  • Good!!!!

    Rafael , 1/13/2019 Nice vise
  • Great Vise

    Johnny Sandlin, 1/8/2019 Great Vise- love how it can be put on different ways to get the right angle- heavy duty- love the way you can tighten down so it will be stable
  • Worth every penny

    DDH, 12/26/2018 Very heavy duty and versatile. Husband loves it! Adjusts for all his repair needs. So glad I bought it.
  • "Frog into a Prince."

    James Fisk, 12/17/2018 Yep. The accessory mount makes it. Now that it's winter I'll take care of a number of large blades that I don't/can't sharper at the waterstone grinding wheel. So far, I have sharpened shears, garden clippers, loppers , and scizzors in the horizontal and vertical positions, something my swivel rotating vise can't do.
  • Elegant design

    Peter Coates, 12/12/2018 This tool is excellent. It's a great design, nicely cast, with quality machining that gives a silky feel to all the movements. The flexibility is miraculous, particularly the ability to swing it to hold vertical work off the edge of the bench. The distinguishing feature of the vice is that you can choose to have it rotate either vertically or horizontally, which leads to an odd quirk. Standard vices that only swivel on one axis usually have a clamp on the base that you tigten by hand to prevent rotation. Because this vice lets you instantly change the axis, that method isn't practical. Therefore, the vice has a cam mechanism that locks the vice tightly to the post in either axis when you tighten the jaws. Because the ca m only holds when you've cranked down, there is also a thumb screw that keeps the vice from flopping around when you release the jaw pressure. The additional thumb screw is clearly a trade-off between the simplicity and ease of swapping the axes and the clunkiness of dual locking mechanisms. You get used to this quickly, and it's very small price to pay for the added flexibility. A side effect of this locking mechanism is that it's also easier to lock in position than a conventional vice. I bought this vice for the metal-working side of the shop, but it's so nice that I'm ordering a second one for the woodworking side.
  • Excellent vice

    L, 12/6/2018 Excellent vice. Very strong and as the name says versatile.
  • Excellent for gunsmithing

    Gerald Davis, 11/7/2018 I bought this vise to use when making flintlock rifles. It was mentioned in forums that I had read. It fits the bill perfectly. I am going to add some wood blocks to it, and it is drilled for this addition. Very Happy.
  • UPDATE: 2018 Product Improvement (Purchased September 2018)

    KC, 10/16/2018 To start, I'm very satisfied with the vise I received. This product has been improved since earlier reviews you'll read (my guess is reviews before January 2018, refer to the older and lower quality version of this product).
    The vice you see in Garrett Wade's own video, is old version version of the product. The YouTube video review by user "lost70s" on or about January 2018, is a review of the old version of this product. According to Garrett Wade's product description at the time of my purchase and of this review (Sept - Oct 2018), "We are now shipping our newest version with improved castings." It's true, this product must have been updated sometime in 2018.
    The old version product you see in the above referenced videos, are made in China and have much rougher castings (you can actually see "China" and "Parrot Vise" in the casting). The new version product, the one I received, is made in Taiwan like some other highly rated vises sold under other big brands (Yost for instance...since it's used for comparison in "lost70s" YouTube video review).
    My guess is Garrett Wade is now sourcing these from Taiwan...GOOD! The casting is much smoother, the jaws have an even finish (something between medium brushed to polished surface) and the jaws close together evenly and nicely. The vise also allows adjustment of the moveable jaw, up and down using an adjustment bolt to fine tune alignment...GOOD!
    The vise assembly fits very well on a nicely machined spindle on both the fixed base and the "offset accessory arm". The spindles and the barrels of the openings are fitted to each other just right, NOT loose and sloppy and NOT so tight it binds when you'd be trying make adjustments to reposition or reconfigure the vise.
    The "offset accessory arm" is a feature you won't find on other "parrot" style vises AND it's very handy. There's a reason we all seek out and buy nice handy tools and in this instance, the "offset accessory arm" is worth the premium in price to buy it so that you have it when you need it.
    As for packaging and shipping, it arrived on time and packaged well in a cardboard box containing a rigid foam insert form-fitted to cradle the vise inside the container during shipping. Garrett Wade provided confirmation and tracking.
    So...if you're in the market for this type of vise, spend the extra money to get this quality Garrett Wade parrot style vise along with its extra versatile "offset accessory arm". It's a very good well-built vise, offering more versatility, and still priced reasonably among its peers considering the extra value and function it offers. Buy one!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for posting a follow-up review on the Ultimate Versatile Vise. We truly appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts about it, and we're happy to hear that you are satisfied. It's what we strive for.

    Vic P , 8/19/2017 This vise is a wonderfully handy LIGHT DUTY vise that fits the bill exactly for hobbyists, knife makers, pattern makers, gun smiths and wood workers. It works as described however is not the type of vise that you can put all your muscle into and really clamp down hard on a workpiece. Instead, it's a great vise to hold delicate work objects. The vise is so versatile due to the many angles it can hold the work piece, even off of the work table if mounted on the edge of the work table. I read almost all the reviews dating back to 2010 and the vise I recently received came ready to use right out of the box. The dual clamping screws threaded right into the vise body and did not require any taps, dies, or machine work to make them work! Perfect. I mounted my vise on a 12" x 18" sheet of 3/16" thick cold rolled steel, welded bolts to the steel base, and now I can take the vise to any place I wish and just clamp the base, with the vice attached, to any workbench. How handy! Lastly, the vise does have a small semi-flat 2" square anvil that is handy for peening rivets and/or adjusting small objects to conform to ones projects.
    Cons: It would be nice if this vise had an optional pair of "soft jaws" for fragile work pieces. Otherwise its a great an asset in the workshop!
  • Versatile Vise

    Phillip Wilson, 8/8/2017 The thumbscrew hole on the back of the vise was not tapped when I received it. After contacting technical assistance I was pleased that I would receive a replacement vise without argument. The return of the old vise was made simple by the use of a UPS label that came with the original order. Your technical assistance employee was excellent and I commend him for handling my problem. I do suggest that items shipped are checked more carefully prior to shipping to ensure that they work as advertised.
  • Versa Vise

    Keith Stone, 5/21/2017 This vise is a good value for the money. It required some minor refinements, but now is a great adjunct to my gunsmithing and rifle building. I recommend to tool to anyone in need of an articulating vise.
  • Good for Gunsmithing

    George R, 4/29/2017 This is a very handy vise for gunsmithing. Good sale price and previous good customer service from Garrett Wade prompted me to make the purchase here after looking at vintage vises and competing products on auction sites.
  • Par for the course

    David W, 3/27/2017 When I ordered this vise, it came to me without the knobs. When I contacted customer service they said the knobs were on backorder and were due to arrive in a month or so and offered no other help. So basically I had a vise that had no lock-down knobs and would be useless for over a month. The vise is threaded for M10 bolts, so I made my own knobs for temporary use until I receive the knobs I paid for. As for the vise: The parrot vise is made in China, and works just as well as most others made in China. These typically cost around $50 and up. Why this one costs more is because you are paying for the adapter piece, and the drilled and tapped areas for the 2 knobs, which none of that usually comes on a standard parrot vise. Overall, even with lousy customer service, the vise is worth the money unless you can make your own adapter piece.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Ultimate Versatile Vise. We're sorry that you didn't receive the knobs with it, and that it created setbacks. It isn't our intention to disappoint our customers, and we sincerely apologize for that.

  • Nice Vise!

    John, 1/31/2017 I was really surprised and pleased with the quality and functionality of this vise. I use it for wood carving and for other woodworking and find it very versatile.
  • Very useful

    Edwin Roper, 1/21/2017 This vise will be very useful. I've needed one for a long time. It arrived with the hole already drilled and tapped and all cleaned up.
  • Versatile vise

    Barry H, 1/21/2017 I have a similar parrot vise, purchased this one because of the adapter. Vise works well for what i use it for, which is holding gun stocks for shaping and inletting. I would like to be able to purchase the adapter and base separate so i could use the vise in several locations.
  • Vise Advice

    JTab, 12/28/2016 The versatile vise was a pleasant surprise. It works and feels like a tool twice the price. Since I don’t work with heavy lumber it does everything I need in my shop. I did swap out the knobs since the originals were a little difficult to manipulate. All in all it’s a great product for a reasonable price.
  • Cool Product

    Sharon, 12/28/2016 Unique and highly functional. We look forward to finding creative ways to use this tool.
  • Workhorse

    William, 12/22/2016 "Versatile" doesn't even begin to cover it. We need a new word that indicates how useful this tool is. Wow.
  • Handy vise.

    A Biel, 9/6/2016 It really is a handy little vise. No fit and finish problems with mine. Able to hold the hard to hold for careful handwork.
  • Very happy

    Victor Jiminez , 9/5/2016 As advertised. Nice addition to my workshop
  • I need another arm!

    Joshua Levin-Epstein, 7/25/2016 I felt that having the auxiliary arm was reason enough to buy the vise, even though I already owned the same vise, without arm, purchased from from another vendor. I SURE WOULD WANT AN ARM FOR MY OTHER VISE. Garrett Wade should make the auxiliary arm available as a stand alone accessory.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for the review on the Ultimate Versatile Vise. Please give our technician a call at 1-800-221-2942. He'll be happy to discuss this issue with you.
  • Gift for husband

    Dorothy Aubushon, 6/14/2016 My husband is a carver and really likes this vise. I especially liked the price.
  • Industrial Designer, IDesign

    Richard H. Burns, 3/10/2016 I recently purchased your unique vise. As a very active 85 year old graduate industrial designer, designing and building too many things to describe, both in industry and in my shop, I thought your vise could add another element of interest. While FAR from a precision vise, it does provide some interesting features. However, the provided two axis thumb locking screws leave a LOT to be desired--the understatement of the year. So, it took me maybe 10 minutes to very easily solve this problem. I ordered two (2) M 10 or 5/16 -18, by 2.56 inches long die cast adjustable handles with ball knobs. Now, with a 2.56 inch long ball end handle, there is ample leverage to really tighten the vise axis in both directions. Now, the really plus feature is that by simply raising the spring loaded handle, it can be rotated to any direction to suit your location for tightening. Now, you have two ball ended handles that can be located and quickly tightened where needed to provide proper individual tightening location and tightening power. My thought, add these (2)handles that cost me $15.00 +/- plus shipping, and do not raise your price--it is already overpriced. If you have no idea where these can be easily and quickly purchased, simply e-mail me. You can not believe what an improvement this has made to your unique vice.
  • It's OK. Could be better.

    Mark, 3/4/2016 The vise works. Machining is marginal on the vise itself. The added part that gives this an extra axis of rotation is great, and is machined nicely. This type of vise is designed so that as the jaws tighten on your piece, there is a rotational force that also levers a cam against the shaft on which the vise is mounted to also lock the vice in position, so it doesn't rotate around the mounting shaft when your work is clamped. This works, but in part because of the marginal machining and fit, I have to spend more effort than I would like adjusting the screw under the movavbe jaw so it bother closes flush on different sized work pieces locks the vise on the mounting shaft. Another alternative of locking rotation with thumb screws is provided, and help some. It would be better if the adjusting screw on the lever arm that supports the moving jaw so it closes flush and engages the can lock on the mounting shaft were a thumb screw that didn't require a screwdriver and wrench, and if the parts were machined more precisely so adjustments weren't as frequently needed. The shortcomings are partly overcome by the cool extra part that gives this vise an extra axis of rotation.
  • Vise

    Bernie Kalmus, 3/4/2016 A handy and versatile vice, nice to be able to move it around to fit the project
  • Easy fix for problems gives very useful vise

    R. Callaghan, 11/29/2015 As a guitar builder I have always had problems getting my workpieces into a safe, comfortable position. I was constantly improvising with my existing clamps and never finding a solution that was as solid as I needed. Thus the idea of a vise that rotates in two planes seemed to be the answer. Not the way the Versatile Vise comes out of the box, however. Even a gorilla would have a difficult time tightening the hand screw sufficiently so that it doesn't slip, and the cam clamp on the underside of the jaws is impossible to reach and interferes with their operation. Fortunately there is a SIMPLE SOLUTION: Replace the screws that come with the vise with M10 hex head bolts. (I'm Canadian so I can get these at any hardware store for a few bucks.) Now it's a simple matter to hold the vise in position with one hand while I tighten the bolts with a socket wrench. It doesn't take very much torque to keep everything rock solid. Equally simple to to change over to a new position. Forget the cam clamp, it's unnecessary. All Garret-Wade needs to come up with a really handy piece of equipment is to replace the current bolts with a pair of (cheaper!) ones.
  • Cumbersome and kind of dangerous. Sadly I have been unable to find a better option.

    Cammer, 10/24/2015 I use this vise for working on handmade knives. The idea is ok, but the tool is very sloppy in use. Without the locking bolts the vise is difficult to position accurately as it is heavyish and out of balance. It then dumps your work for the same reasons when you loosen the vise. You really need four hands to use it safely. The locking bolts are hard to access and hard to tighten securely, especially the vertical lock, which is behind and in back of the vise in a very restrictive spot with no clearance for fingers.
  • Better Than I Expected

    Kent, 10/2/2015 This is an amazing tool. The vice is larger than it appeared to me from the picture on the website. The finished face of the jaws is 2-1/4 x 3-1/2 inches and they open to 5 inches. Two counter set holes in each jaw take a #8 wood screw so you can mount wood faces of your imagination & design. Because it can rotate on two axes, you can set it so your work-piece is clamped in almost any position; horizontal, vertical, offset from horizontal or vertical (or both). When you tighten the vice, a cam locks it in position on both axes. You can use the included T-handle bolts to lock the vice in position before you tighten your work-piece in the jaws. You can also remove the middle piece so that the vice will only rotate on one axis (horizontal).
  • Very Versatile

    Don Krug, 8/22/2015 Great vise which can perform many functions and can be adjusted for many angles.
  • Vise

    Alan P. Neuman, 8/10/2015 Way cool beautifully crafted and handy all purpose vise.
  • Ain't Pretty but Works Great

    Art Baldi, 8/6/2015 First let me say you no longer have to drill anymore holes! It comes drilled & ready to go. I received this vice about a week ago. I was excited to get it & when I opened the box & unpacked it I thought what the HE--! It was covered in a thick greasy muck & It had the red over spray all over. I know it's only a vice but I keep all my tools clean & in excellent working order. I spent about a 1/2 hr. cleaning it with a little steel wool & paint thinner & it looks pretty good. How it works for me, Great! I build a lot of different type of models of which lately it's been wooden ships. I like to carve & prefab parts & this vice will hold them in any position that I have needed. I rate this Vice looks 3 & works 5" = for an overall 4."
  • Do Everything Vise

    Brad-Armorer, 2/25/2015 This vise really does it all. As a budding gunsmith I find this vise is able to hold pieces where I need them to work at the best angles. It handles all sizes of parts and enables me to really put a lot of pressure on when I need to. Great shop tool.
  • Rotation Locking Knob Should Be Factory Installed

    Dave Ahl, 1/2/2015 The description says, Your Versatile Vise is fully functional in all aspects right out of the box." Well, no it isn't. You've got to install a Rotation Locking Bolt and Knob, which is no piece of cake. You just shouldn't have to do this on a pricey high-end vise. G-W provides the drill and tap, but you need a tap handle, cutting oil, and a LOT of patience to tap a large threaded hole through a 3/4" hunk of cast iron. Once done, the vise is fine and although G-W says [this change] "is not necessary at all," it absolutely is if you're doing any work with small items or hobby stuff."
  • Unique Order

    Michael Young, 12/28/2014 This vise is as advertised, rather universal in its adjustability and, thanks to the furnished setscrew and tools to install it, most useful to a carver or model maker. Other heavy duty uses are obviously possible. This vise is available elsewhere, but not with the extra adjustment screw, which is truly a necessity for easy positioning of the angle of the jaws. The work of drilling and tapping the extra set screw was not difficult with all but the driver furnished. The furnished drill bit was defective (improperly sharpened), but served well as a final sizing prior to tapping. The tap was not defective. My suggestion would be to drill a smaller pilot hole prior to the final sizing drill. I did cheat a bit by clamping the vise to my drill press table and using the drill press to exactly drill the pilot and final hole. The vise is mechanically a five and works smoothly throughout its adjustment range. The reason for a four rating was the rather crude finishing work on some surfaces- no effect on the function though. This vise has replaced the other vises as my first use tool for holding pieces to be worked on from multiple angles.
  • Good but could be better

    Jim Halloran, 12/26/2014 I like the vise for all the usual reasons. I make rustic wood furniture so I use limbs and saplings. This vise without any round rubber grips to hold onto the round pieces of wood is not particularly useful. So I encourage the manufacturer to make soft grips for this great vise.
  • Ultimate Versatile Vise

    Bob, 12/23/2014 The vise was purchased to mount on my portable woodworking table. The 360 degree turning capabilities allows for multiple angles of use. It appears well built with no problems to address at this time. I mounted wooden jaw pads which I found easy to attach with the pre-drilled holes. I am very pleased with the purchase.
  • Versatility

    S Roth, 11/30/2014 This is truly a VERY versatile vise! I lined the jaws with hardwood covered in leather to provide the best purchase" without making marks on my finished pieces."
  • Great Vise

    Martin, 11/11/2014 This vise is excellent with a multitude of possibilities for use. It is unfortunate that in order to give it the full range of functional possibilities I had to drill and tap an additional adjustment lock. At the price, which was far above comparable units this work should have been done by the maker.
  • Awesome Vise

    Ken, 11/2/2014 This vise will hold anything at any angle especially easy with the included modification kit that makes the vise even more useful. Thanks Garrett Wade for an excellent product.
  • Excellent Value

    J Kanicki, 10/20/2014 Purchased this vise to perform various tooling steps on 1/8 metal bands that I incorporate into my cabinets and furniture (filing, cutting, minor shaping, etc.). The vise works perfect for this and is a very good value. Highly recommend adding the optional tightening screw supplied with the vise. I replace the supplied hand screw with a 2 inch hex screw so I can really tighten it down. "
  • Excellent Buy

    Peter Howard, 7/28/2014 Well designed and built. An excellent value.
  • Very Handy Vise

    Emerie Wiggers, 6/24/2014 Bought this vise for my husband for Fathers Day and it has already been installed on the workbench and put to good use. The name says it all Ultimate Versatile Vise. Great size and not sure there is a position that it won't be able to handle."
  • Revised Review

    John R. Moore, 6/20/2014 A few weeks ago I posted an uncomplimentary review of this product, as mine apparently suffered from a serious casting problem. It literally fell apart under very modest clamping pressure. In a few days I was surprised and pleased to receive a concerned phone call from Garret Wade Customer Service, during which I described the problem in greater detail. I had no expectation of any kind of resolution and requested no consideration, simply assuming I had gotten one of the 1% of failures that can always be expected in any manufacturing process. To my delighted surprise I have been sent a new replacement, courteously pre-drilled, and working perfectly. I've only had a chance to use it but once since it arrived, but I am most appreciative and glad to have it. This concern for the customer shows Garret Wade's full support of their products, and it buys a lot of loyalty. Thank you.
  • Versatile Vise Set Up

    Len Borrisove, 6/10/2014 I elected to add the additional set screw rotational feature to the vise and used a drill press set up to drill and tap the hole. I found the cast iron to be very hard and slow drilling in spite of drilling a pilot hole first. The tapping procedure was equally slow and time consuming due to the quality of cast iron. Once completed it looks like a good feature with a more flexibility for small detailed work which I like and the reason for the purchase. I would like to see plastic or soft jaw covers to reduce damage to sensitive material that are clamped in the vise jaws.
  • Vice

    Lee, 6/9/2014 Real nice! Only issue was the surprise, I had to drill and tap one of the locking handles. They provided the drill and tap and instructions. Factory should do this! Great vice to work with (I carve).
  • Robust Vise

    Edward Arlt, 2/17/2014 It is a very well designed vise exhibiting good manufacturing execution. Require a bit of assembly, but nothing prodigious. I thought it was well worth the money I spent for it.
  • Exciting

    KC Bulldog, 1/27/2014 This vise is replacing the Parrot Vise from Grizzly. First impression is that this Versa Vise is bigger and heavier, appears better built one from China than the one I replaced. The drilling and tapping may appear to be a daunting chore, but, if you take it nice and easy and don't force the drill bit (and add drilling oil) and have a bit of patience, this aspect goes without incident. The tapping portion is equally as simple, as long as you have patience and add cutting oil. Once completed it is a fine addition to my shop--works great!
  • Love it!

    Red, 11/25/2013 Good quality. Fast delivery.
  • Ultimate Versatile Vise

    Ed Dauphin, 4/5/2013 I enjoy making hand planes, spokeshaves and other hand tools. The Versatile Vise allows me to hold the parts I am shaping in any orientation needed. The modification is quick and simple and really expands the capability of the vise. If you want a vise you can beat the tar out of, this isn't it, but if you want one which can hold object in practically any orientation for shaping, modifying or carving this is a must have. I mounted mine on a large 3/4 plywood base which I attach to the bench top with easily removable screws so that I can move it where it is needed and clamp it down. I dressed the sharp edges with a file to eliminate unnecessary blood letting and I made a set of wooden leather line vise jaws to hold my parts without marring. Solid old tool design, improved and brought back to life. WOW!"
  • Versatile Vise

    Hank Kennedy, 3/13/2013 While I haven't had the vise long enough to put it thru all it's paces, I am impressed with versatility and adaptability it has. My only complaint is pretty minor. While the fit was excellent the finish wasn't up to standard, with large sags and drips in the paint. Since I don't want to give up bench edge space I have it mounted on a base big enough to clamp to the bench out of the way of the work space. Hank Kennedy
  • Versatile Vise

    Leighton Smith, 3/11/2013 This vice is a gotta-have-it item for gun stock shaping and inletting. Well made and functions well. With the included modification tools and parts it becomes the best vice of it's type on the market. There are two holes in each side of the smooth jaws so you can easily install wood or other pads to protect you work piece.
  • Ultimate Versatile Vise

    Don Klatt, 3/6/2013 I just retired and have started to become a gunsmith. I have been looking at several vises but this vise with the added accessory arm and pivot lock are what sets this vise apart from the others I have looked at. At the present I am very pleased and hope that as I continue to use it I will be even more happy than I am now. Thanks
  • Articulating Vise

    John Rivalsky, 2/25/2013 I purchased this vise after a reading a review of it in Shop Notes magazine (issue 127). It appears to be as versatile as described in that review. I haven't installed or used it yet but would like to see a number of auxiliary jaw faces with a quick attach and release feature. I envision using it for woodworking as well as general purpose work.
  • Wonderful AddItion

    Dennis Plescia, 2/24/2013 I drilled and tapped the base to enjoy the full capabilities of this wonderful vice. I installed it on my layout bench and put it to use right away.
  • Surprised

    Chris Davis, 2/20/2013 I was surprised to find a drill bit and tap in the package, and to discover that I had to drill and tap the hole for the front to back set screw. I believe that I will have to make additional modifications to make that set screw effective. Screwing it down against the smooth surface of the accessory arm does not securely hold the vise when pressure is applied to something held in the jaws of the vise. I expect to have to drill a series of dimples a couple of degrees apart to secure the angle when working a piece held in the vise.
  • Pop

    Howard Drucker, 2/15/2013 Liked all of my purchases from Garrett Wade, this item is outstanding. The tech support and included drill, tap and knob, at no additional charge, are a really nice touch. I have come to view Garrett Wade and top quality as synonymous.
  • Quality-Quality

    Nicholas, 2/14/2012 I have purchased many Garrett Wade tools over the last decade . I have never been disappointed. The Ultimate Versatile Vise" was a recent acquisition . It is as much a piece of "mechanical art" as a truly versatile tool. I have purchased tree saws for my grounds, specialty scissors for my Bonsai tree hobby, a very useful , magnetic work bench light and fold-up tool sets for Christmas and birthday gifts.They are always appreciated. Thank you too for your honesty in your advertising. It has always inspired trust in what you present to potential customers.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you so much for your kind words about us! It is good to be appreciated and we can see that you have been very happy with us over the years. We strive to do our best and carry items which our customers will take pride in and always try to be as honest as possible. We also welcome comments from those who may be a bit disappointed as it helps us to make future decisions on what we should carry. We hope you experience many years of enjoyment with our tools! Thanks, again. "
  • Great Customer Service

    Tom, 1/29/2012 This is a great vise; I've used it a lot. But the customer service is fantastic. The bit and tap originally sent were the wrong size. Getting through to cust service was a quick satisfying experience...I had the correct stuff in a couple of days. Thanks.
  • Fixing the Chinese

    Robert E Stewart, 10/11/2011 So the main part of the vice is made in China, and the special Garret Wade addition that makes it function on the double axis has been added to the package here in the USA. That's why we buyers need to give it the extra special and unique finishing touch. Thanks for providing the drill and tap. It is a great vice, and one with many uses!
  • unfinished

    newwoodproject, 2/2/2011 I was surprised when opening the box since I expected to see a finely finished tool in the GarrettWade tradition. I even thought about sending it back. The buyer has to finish the vise himself by drilling & taping through thick cast iron before it's mounted. It is so heavy & rough that it would fit better in a metal shop rather than a woodworking one. I love its positioning versatility; however, I have yet to actually use it. Since I put it in the middle of my shop, I expect a lot of use from it. Time will tell.
  • Great Vise

    John S., 1/23/2011 Disclaimer: I am in the midst of re-arranging my shop so this vise is still in the shipping box. However I own an identical vise without the secondary mount that provides rotation in two planes. This is my go to" vise for all wood working projects. "
  • Almost Ultimate

    VanDePolder, 11/21/2010 With modification this vise fills the need for a medium sized bench vise with a 2-axis rotating/pivoting feature. It is much more substantial than most currently available hobby bench vises. While installing the M10 bolts w-knob handles was not a problem, I found I had the same issues as Montauk John (New York, NY)...that in use the knobs on the M10 bolts were too small to provide sufficient leverage to hold the intended axis in place. Tightening the cam-lock" action to effectively lock the the pivot axis would require more force than intended to hold some workpieces. I replaced M10 bolts/knob with plain M10 bolts and tried using a 17mm socket and palm ratchet wrench for tightening the bolts...still not enough leverage. Finally, I dedicated a 17mm socket and 3/8 ratchet wrench to the vise for lock tightening...success! With the vise now effectively secured in the desired position, the "cam-lock" feature is now optional. I am now very pleased with this unique and versatile vise for my modeling work and would recommend purchase to others...as modified."
  • Caution required

    Montauk John, 10/26/2010 My decision to purchase was predicated on the proposed flexibility and positioning of clamped objects. I do have severe arthritis in my hands and thought this would be a perfect helpmate. Yes,I was one of the first and was quite surprised at the drilling/tapping requirements to gain multi-position functionality. Once completed I discovered that the thumb screws are difficult to secure tightly to the highly polished, very hard steel cylinders, without the use of a plier type tool. After some experimentation, I rounded the end of the thumb screws to conform to the shape of the cylinders to increase the bite." This made it somewhat easier (and tighter) but the location of each of the thumb screws leaves a lot to be desired as they are somewhat obstructed. Bottom line; the vise is very high quality, remains on my workbench, does get used, and provides needed assistance, but has required me to develop additional "work-a-rounds." "
  • Excellent but you have to do a lot of work 1st!

    Sarawelder, 4/27/2010 This is a really sturdy vice and in it's final form I am very pleased with its versatility. I need to hold items at odd angles for sculpting with power tools.. I certainly didn't realize that I would be expected to drill through more than 1/4 inch cast iron then tap it for the knob shown in the picture to be inserted! I searched for the holes to insert the 2 knobs provided.. and realized that only one hole was present. Luckily they had included a plastic bag with new drill bit and tapping bit, but it was quite a bit of work to do this. The directions were great but as I don't use tap and die technique I had to halt the setup and go out and buy a tap handle... I think this should be made clear before purchase. Having said all that I really am pleased with the sturdiness and flexibility of the vise and also that I learned a new skill in setting it up.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comments regarding the Universal Versatile Vise. We are very pleased that you appreciate its unique functionality and versatility and that you've already begun putting the vise to good use. Your comments (along with others') regarding the suggested modification has prompted us to revise and post online the Technical Memo that accompanies the tool. We have also posted a revision to the product description which we hope will help customers make a more informed decision. Thanks again for your excellent comments, and for helping us get it right.
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