Ultra Long Burn Safety Matches

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Ultra Long Burn Safety Matches
One match will light them all
16A01.03 Long Burn Matches (50)

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16A01.10 2 Boxes Long Burn Matches (100)

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16A01.20 4 Boxes Long Burn Matches (200)

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With a carbonized match stick, these 3-3/4" long Matches will burn 5 times longer than an ordinary safety match (45 to 60 seconds depending on conditions). They are ideal for campfires, fireplaces, stoves, BBQ's, lanterns, candles and more. Have some handy and keep your fingers safe. You'll be happy you did. 50 to a box. Striker included. Available in packages of 100 Matches (2 Boxes) or a package of 200 Matches (4 Boxes). Highly recommended.

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  • No more multiple strikes and splintered little matches

    Karen, 12/24/2019 A perfect companion to the fire starter bundles, these sturdy, long burning matches won’t break when you strike them, will light dependably, and will stay lit long enough to do the job!
  • Amazing Matches

    Doug68, 1/19/2018 Nice to be able to strike a match and not have the stick break. Also burns long enough to light both ends and middle in one burn
  • Light Your Fire With Matchless Matches

    Perry Kurtz, 1/3/2018 One strike and you’re on with these quick lighting long flaring matches. A great product!
  • A great find

    Eileen, 12/8/2016 Have been looking for longer matches for years. These are perfect; longer than packet matches which go out too soon and shorter than fireplace matches which are harder to store and not needed for everyday usage. I cannot yet attest to length of burn since these are Christmas gift thus 4 stars which I anticipate will be a 5 star choice.
  • Great for Cigars

    Greg Noble, 12/18/2013 These ULTRA LONG BURN matches are great for starting a fire in the fireplace. You can light 3 or 4 places and only use 1 match. They are great for lighting cigars when you need time to get the carbon rite before lighting. Also these matches give time to get a good light on your cigar.
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