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Clearance Unique Hi-Tech Sledge Hammers
Italian designed & made to a very high standard
39B05.01 Cross Peen Sledge

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These two unique tools are far from "mundane". The handles are solid Nylon with an aluminum core and the grip areas are thermoplastic rubber with safety collars. These are professional tools - ergonomic, absolutely unbreakable and (very important) free of vibration.

The 4 lb Cross Peen Sledge has a 13" long handle and a flat 1 - 3/4 x 1 - 3/4" polished, slightly convex striking face. Its peen-end is 1 - 1/2 x 5/8" (medium radius). An excellent tool for all-around metal work. The 9" long 2 - 1/4 lb Sledge has a butterfly shaped head with 1 - 1/8" x 1 - 1/8" slightly convex polished striking surfaces. This special shape is the preferred style of European stonemasons - and you'll love it too. If Hand Sledges could be thought of as "cool tools", these would win the prize. Very impressive.
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  • Can't beat a bigger hammer

    Rob, 4/21/2018 Great shopping experience. Very sturdy well balanced hammer.
  • Can't bet a bigger hammer

    Rob, 4/21/2018 Great shopping experience. Very sturdy well balanced hammer.
  • the new hammer in the shop

    michael e symmes, 5/16/2017 i have compared this to my vintage" single jack" that i finally rehandled. the cross peen is nicely formed , and the entire tool makes me want to get busy. i have a long standing attraction to hammers generally , but this is a high tech wonder , thanks
  • nice to have in the shop

    Michael, 5/16/2017 this was a" lets see" purchase, and i am glad i did. the handle is a multi position affair and the balance on the butterfly is perfect. i use this weight of hammer for many tasks and this will not break ( i bet) or dry out here in Montana ! thanks .
  • Good heavy forging hammer

    William, 7/3/2016 It seems like a good heavy forging hammer with a nice feel and balance. I needed to smooth out the sharp ridges on the hammer face and the cross peen but I do that on every commercially made hammer I own.
  • Sledge Hammer

    Jeremy, 9/19/2015 I am extremely happy with this hammer, it has enough weight to drive something "home" if you need to, but its compact size does not take up too much room on my peg board.
  • Great Hammer

    William Weathersby, 4/6/2015 I purchased this hammer for my blacksmithing, The balance is fantastic and I enjoy the fit of the handle. The reason I picked this hammer is the handle being fiberglass will not dry out and crack in the Arizona heat. Recommend this hammer to any one.
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