Unique Hidden Knife

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Unique Hidden Knife
The double-hinged case is the secret
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04D02.08 Unique Hidden Knife

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Every part is stainless steel (knife blade, double-folding case, long belt clip). Take a good look at the photo, and you will see how the case folds and unfolds in just seconds. We've never seen any design like it before. Frankly, it's astonishing as it takes up almost no space whatsoever. It's hard not to covet it. Any gentleman would appreciate the gift and many ladies too. With leather sleeve. Knife length folded, 3-3/8"; full length, 6", blade length, 2-1/8".

Scroll down to see a short, silent video showing the Hidden Knife being unfolded and folded.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
Stainless Steel & Brass

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21 reviews 0 5 4.7
Overall Rating
  • Mini Knife

    Cynthia Hackett, 6/19/2017 I bought this for my Grandson as he collects knives. He thought it was just the greatest and so unique! I am very pleased with all the products I have purchased.
  • Great, fun knife

    C, 2/10/2017 This is a very well-made knife that is great fun to open and use. Unlike others on here, I found it to be quite sharp out of the box. It was also much sturdier than I thought it would be. I use it at work when I have to open boxes, and it always elicits a positive response. Spendy, but well-made enough to justify it.
  • Good product

    TB in Vegas, 10/31/2016 Like the functionality. Also had fun watching my wife try to open it.
  • Sharp Knife!

    Tom, 12/28/2014 Quality craftsmanship and unique design! Equally good as a useful pocket knife and conversation piece. Will buy more for gifts!
  • Best Hidden Knife

    Ivan, 12/6/2014 Ingenious idea to hide the knife this way. Very useful.
  • Gifts

    Elton Swope, 7/18/2014 I buy these as gifts for my son in laws, boss, friends, etc. Everyone is impressed with the unique design and engineering. I give them as special thank you's to people that have gone out of their way to take care of me and my projects.
  • Just Fine

    Jeff Smith, 5/27/2014 Bought this as a gift for a gal thinking she'd enjoy having this handy and elegant tool for her purse. I enjoyed handling this knife before giving it away; might get another, especially if the price comes down a bit. Didn't take much time to touch up the edge on my fine ceramic stone by using a Sharpy line to help find the angle and alcohol to clean up the ink and fingerprints before gift wrap.
  • Neat Knife

    Greg Haines MD, 3/28/2014 This is one of the most clever and unique knives I've ever seen. I have a modest collection of single blade pocket knives and some longer knives, but this has to be the most unusual. Everyone I show it to wants one. As mentioned, it's not razor sharp, but I'll take care of that on my Lansky knife sharpener. I like to carry it clipped to my front pocket and unlike most other knives, it doesn't make it difficult to reach into the pocket around it. This will be my every day carry knife once I get it sharpened properly. Well designed and executed from quality stainless steel. Buy it, you won''t regret it.
  • Hidden Knife

    Vern C, 1/23/2014 Truly a clever tool. I've had my eye on this knife for some time and finally decided to purchase. Great finish and quality assembly. Not razor sharp, but that can be corrected if needed. The unique double opening action has the grand kids baffled, and a couple of adults in the family. Good price, fast shipping, thanks GW!
  • Hidden Knife

    Elton Swope, 1/20/2014 High quality product that is very compact. Fits nicely in shirt pocket.
  • Snake in the Grass

    Andrey V, 4/2/2013 Very interesting version of the knife. This little one will be your constant companion for a long time. They can do all kinds of transactions, from the opening of letters to open beer bottles. It is very well sitting in a jacket, a small hidden one.
  • Like the hidden feature.

    Glen B Post, 3/12/2013 I like owning knives that are not looked upon as a knife except when it is deployed. I travel to the UK frequently and my daily carry knife is illegal there. I use knives as the tool they're meant to be, so a little inconvenience when there is OK.
  • Neat toy for my collection

    Scott Sasse, 1/21/2013 I collect knives, and this is a nice addition to my collection. Now, which of my other knives will I stop carrying in favor of this one - none of them!
  • Excellent Gift

    Heather, 1/11/2013 I got this for my brother at Christmas and then went back & bought 2 more for birthday gifts for the guys in my life. Great gift. Nice, compact, very attractive.
  • Good design

    Dave, 1/1/2013 The design is good but the blade is not sharp.
  • Cool Knife

    Chip, 1/1/2013 Cool knife that clips in your suit pocket just like a pen and is always there.
  • Lost and Found

    Karen C., 3/12/2012 Fifteen years ago I was visiting the south of France and spied a similar little folding knife at a Provincial flea market. Regrettably, I decided to think about it" instead of purchasing it on the spot. You can probably guess that it was gone when I visited the market the next week, and since then I've been on the lookout for this style of knife that is as clever as it is elegant. Its smooth mechanics make it a joy to open and close and its slender shape means it can be carried discreetly with no wear and tear on the pocket. If a knife can be called sophisticated, this is it. Need I add my ordering experience with Wade Garret went as smooth as silk?"
  • Gentleman's Hidden Knife

    Greg from CT, 2/6/2012 Intriguing Design but . . .
  • gifting

    Mary Lou Philpot, 1/3/2012 What to give for anniversary following so closely after Christmas, for the knife collector this is a great idea.

    MIKE MAC NEIL, 12/17/2011 This knife caught my eye as something,my grandfather had in his pocket on Sundays &holidays very clean & neat,all so safe from the grand babies had a tuff time to figure out how it opened. I got for the same reason,the grand babies think its magic. Great quality for the price will use for many years to come & pass it on to my grandson
  • If unique is what you seek.

    Mark J. Irwin Sr., 12/14/2011 Having spent over 35 years as a master tool and die maker, I have a natural facination with unusual and unique tools. The Gentlemens Knife fits both of these criteria plus it is very useful and well made. Saving space with its small size let's you include it when you have to pack light. Garrett Wade includes a Boker lockback knife of exceptional quality. Boker of Solingen, Germany has been a premier knife maker since 1869 and this single blade lockback shows their attention to detail and material standards. Thanks for offering this dual deal on a very unique set of knives.
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