Unique, Ratcheting Wrenches

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New Unique, Ratcheting Wrenches
The jaws lock firmly in position during use
63A04.07 6" Ratcheting Wrenches

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63A04.09 10" Ratcheting Wrenches

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The Crescent Wrench is probably one of the most common tools we use. But even the best suffer from the same flaw: the jaws do not hold their working position in use. As you move the jaws from one position to another on the nut, the movement inevitably causes them to open a bit – requiring you tighten them up before applying pressure again. The Garrett Wade Wrench stays where you set it – until you reset.

The other unique feature of the Garrett Wade Crescent Wrench is the ratcheting mechanism. Once the jaws are in position and you’ve started tightening the nut, instead of having to lift the wrench off the nut and reset the start position, you rotate them backwards to reset your starting position. The job goes faster – more efficiently and with less aggravation as a result. Max jaw opening on the 6½" wrench is 1" and 1½" on the larger 10" size. We recommend these highly.

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