Universal Screw Starter

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Universal Screw Starter
One of those woodworking essentials
17P01.01 Universal Screw Starter

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17P01.10 Universal Screw Starter (2)

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For decades this American made tool was an indispensable part of most woodworking - a tool small enough to be carried everywhere if necessary and that worked fast and effectively. Sadly it disappeared, but after months of development work in Taiwan, we now bring it back to you. It's simple and precise to use, inexpensive and it works exactly the same way as before. Get two and have one in the shop and one in your traveling tool box. Hardwood handle. 2-5/8" long shank.

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Overall Rating
  • Great for Starting Eye Screw Holes in Canvas Frames

    Jeff Dreibus, 9/11/2020 Just what I needed for starting eye screw holes to hang my artist wife's canvas frames; thanks.
  • screw starter

    Bill Newman, 6/29/2020 great for making the starter hole for small screws
  • Great tool

    Jonathan, 11/12/2018 Beautifully made and works like a charm.
  • Aesthetics count

    Maxine Wolfe, 8/23/2018 Besides serving a very important function this tool is beautiful and is why I love using it.
  • A hole lot of a hole starter

    Jeff Scott, 7/30/2018 A necessary tool for anyone working around the house.
  • Almost Impossible To Find!

    Martin R Anderson, 12/1/2017 Beautifully made and works like a charm.
  • Must have in your tool chest

    Kristen Schroeder, 9/22/2017 A handy tool to have in your tool chest. This one is very well made and works a treat. With this tool you can start a screw hole and it gives the screw something bite into right away. No more screws slipping or just not being able to get started. An added plus is that it looks great. I've got it with my vintage tools and it fits right in.
  • Universal Screw Starter

    Robert Jordan, 4/30/2017 This universal screw starter is terrific, especially good for hard woods.
  • Very handy tool.

    Richard Perry, 1/29/2017 This is a very handy tool for when you need to start a small screw. In my case picture frame eye hooks. It's usefulness is for when a scratch awl and hammer would be overkill. Although, I would prefer the tip to be a bit sharper.
  • Ms

    Helen Pigage, 12/13/2016 Hoping it's a really good Christmas gift - it's wrapped and ready to go to work in my husband's shop.
  • Secs Start e r

    Theresa, 12/13/2016 Excellent tool to have in ever household. I bought one for myself and one as a gift.
  • Screw Starter

    Anthony Moore, 5/7/2016 Most excellent and handy tool for casual household use .
  • Big help

    Danny Chauvin , 4/10/2016 My wife and I look forward to using this tool. We are amateur woodworkers and need " awl" the help we can get.
  • Re-uniting with an old friend

    Michael Fesler, 3/24/2016 I re-ordered this wonderful and useful tool because I misplaced my original. I attempted to continue with the olde fashioned hammer and nail starter and was quickly reminder why I purchased my first screw starter awl! Thank goodness you still stock them!
  • Screw Starter

    Jim Pond, 3/21/2015 One of the handiest tools I use. The go-to" when starting smaller screws."
  • An Awl For All

    John W. Whitworth, 2/28/2015 This is a very well made tool. It not only looks but also works great. Every woodworker knows that a guide hole should be used for every screw. Today, with battery powered drills, a hand screw starter awl is not essential; however, some of us are impatient, to put it nicely. I bought this tool as a reminder not to set a screw before making a starter hole. It's easy. I can carry it with me, and if I'm just too stubborn" to get my drill, I can use this beautiful tool. In the meantime, it has a place of honor in my shop, just waiting for its ridiculously lazy owner to do some work.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner February 2015 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, John!!"
  • Handy Tool For Woodworkers

    Marsha, 12/28/2013 Great for getting screws started and shape helps countersink screws.
  • Ultra Handy

    Nancy Kelker, 12/27/2013 I thought this was interesting when I saw it in the catalog and decided to give it a try. It is great not only for starting screws but also for starting drill holes--no drill bit jumping off the mark with a little help from the screw starter! Has made my projects a lot easier.
  • Handy and Effective!

    Richard Munson, 9/27/2013 Very easy and effective way to start screw holes without veering off the mark. Accuracy is assured.
  • Great Screw Starter

    Dennis, 1/9/2013 This Tool is the best at getting the Screw Point just where you want it to be. Very simple to use and comfortable in your hand
  • Unusual

    Susan, 2/9/2012 I love looking in hardware stores and have never seen a screw starter like this. I bought two of them in case one of my sons works with me on one of my projects. I used to use a hole punch, but this tool is great.
  • Screw Starter

    Cranerun, 12/28/2011 This tool works. We had one years ago and somehow it disappeared, probably was borrowed." Could not find one anywhere until thumbing a Wade catalog one day. This one here was ordered for someone for Christmas but it didn't show. Got an email after Christmas that it was on back order. That is another matter I need to take up with their customer service. Anyway this thing DOES work. Every handyman homeowner should have one."
  • Great tool to have

    Jim S., 9/3/2011 This is a handy tool to have for cleanly and easily starting screws. It is well-constructed and has a place of honor in my tool bag.
  • Screw Starter

    Les Walker, 1/3/2011 Helps make hinge installation easier and more professional. Good tool.
  • Very Handy Tool

    Peter Bonebakker, 12/2/2010 This handy tool was always in my tool bag for many years. My wife liked it so much she convinced me to let her have it, so I went with out till these at GarrettWade became available. Now She and I both have one in our tool bags. I am giving to family as the handy tool" of this year. "
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