Universal Utility Saw - Blades Only

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Universal Utility Saw - Blades Only
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11C01.05 Accsy. Round Diamond Blade (1)

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11C01.06 Accsy. Flat Diamond File Blade (1)

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This innovative 3-way multi-purpose tool works with a amazing variety of materials: metals, ceramic tile, wood, PVC, aluminum, copper, rubber, glass and more. Packed with six coping saw style blades for cutting wood, plastic, rubber, aluminum etc and one 6" Japanese pattern flat saw blade for wood.

The coping blades can be mounted facing left or right or down. The 6" flat 3-way blade is mounted after removing the coping frame. Also the frame has a tungsten roller glass cutter and "glass pliers" for breaking off glass sheet of various thicknesses.

Accessories are a 5" Flat Diamond File and a 5" Round Diamond Wire Blade for tile, ceramics and glass.
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