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Unlimited-Length Cable-Tie (strapping only)
$ 1.00 8.25
Regular strapping ties are great. Besides securing and bundling cable, you can wrap up all sorts of bundles. But ordinary cable ties have two problems: first, you have to have a lot of lengths (and, of course, the size you need most is always gone first); second, you have all those ends to cut off after you have used them-an extra step, and something you have to then clean up, too.

The special strapping gun is a much better idea. It holds an entire spool of strapping, and a cartridge of strap locks. Simply feed the strap through the gun and loop it around the object you are strapping. Slip the free end into the lock in the nose of the gun, and pull the strap tight. Finally, use the trigger to cut the strap and release the lock. It's very quick and easy to use.

These are so good, you will want one for home and another for work, so get two at a special price. Each gun comes with one spool of strap (40 ft.) and 100 locks. Order additional locks and straps separately. Special value: 3 spools and 300 locks. Made in Taiwan.
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