Unlimited-Length Cable-Tie (strapping only)

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Sale Unlimited-Length Cable-Tie (strapping only)
Solves a host of neat & tidy problems
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Regular strapping ties are great. Besides securing and bundling cable, you can wrap up all sorts of bundles. But ordinary cable ties have two problems: first, you have to have a lot of lengths (and, of course, the size you need most is always gone first); second, you have all those ends to cut off after you have used them-an extra step, and something you have to then clean up, too.

The special strapping gun is a much better idea. It holds an entire spool of strapping, and a cartridge of strap locks. Simply feed the strap through the gun and loop it around the object you are strapping. Slip the free end into the lock in the nose of the gun, and pull the strap tight. Finally, use the trigger to cut the strap and release the lock. It's very quick and easy to use.

These are so good, you will want one for home and another for work, so get two at a special price. Each gun comes with one spool of strap (40 ft.) and 100 locks. Order additional locks and straps separately. Special value: 3 spools and 300 locks. Made in Taiwan.

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  • would not recommend

    Lisa, 11/25/2015 can't even figure out how to load the darn thing let alone use it. I will say though that the cats have enjoyed batting around the little ends that keep flying out all over the floor!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We're sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with this item. Our technician will be happy to resolve the problem for you. Please give us a call at 1-800-221-2942.
  • Cable Tie Review

    Dean Ferres, 6/1/2015 This tool eliminates buying, stocking several lengths of ties, but I also need heavier ties for certain applications, so it is not a universal cable tie tool. The tool will take some experience to get used to, but then it will be very useful.
  • Cable Ties are Better

    Rick, 11/21/2014 This is a very cheaply made device...I always wanted one of these but now wish I could return it. The ties do not hold well, getting it threaded is almost as frustrating has completing the tie end. It's terrible..individual ties are much better and easier... Don't waste your money...the device itself is awful, does not hold well and difficult to use..you are better off just joining ties together than buying this because of the long strap potential.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Cable Strapping Gun. We are sorry to hear that you are not happy, and that it is not working properly. It is possible that it is a defective item.  Please feel free to send it back using the label which was included. Or, if you'd prefer, you can exchange it for another and hopefully the replacement will fare better.
  • Cable Tie Gun

    Wayne, 10/27/2014 My son got this for me for Christmas. Initially it seemed to work as promoted. Recently, it seems to jam after every tie, and when trying to correct the jam, multiple locks get ejected. Maybe this is just a defective gun, but at this point I waste more time trying to get one tie done than it is worth.
  • Cable Strapping Gun

    Chuck I., 4/10/2013 Recently I purchased a cable strapping gun because I had been looking for one for years. I had one about 25 years ago and used it nearly every day. So, I ordered one and upon delivery, I didn't put it into operation right away but when I did it worked fine to start. After some usage I had a fairly big project securing some electrical wire to the bottom of a wooden fence rail and about one third of the way through the project it started to falter. First, the cable ends would not connect and then when I tried to get a connector in place, all in the gun would shoot out and finally it stopped cutting the cable. I finished my project with many bad words and was mad as hell then. I started to throw the thing away but it was relatively pricy so I took a shot at contacting someone at Garrett Wade and I wrote a nasty review. After the nasty review and a nasty email to Garrett Wade, I felt better and was going to throw the thing in the garbage because I never expected to hear from anyone. HOLY NO EXPECTATIONS BATMAN!!! About two days maybe only one, I got an email from Susan M who expressed surprise at my problem and stated that GW had sold many of these items with no trouble or complaints. The next thing, knocked my socks off. She instructed me that GW was sending me a replacement, no questions asked, and no need to send the old one in. She was convinced that I simply got a bad unit. After a short period of time because of a backorder of the item, it was delivered was a test certification from a tech who had actually used the unit and wrote me a note certifying such. I have had the replacement about a month now. I have used it at least 20 times with no problems at all. Awesome!! In conclusion, you made me impressed because of Susan's response and follow up to what could actually be called a minor problem and I probably would have thrown it away. I am a happy camper and a lifelong customer of Garrett Wade. Thanks Susan for doing a great job on something this minor.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner April 2013 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Chuck!!
  • Piece of Crap

    Chuck Ingram, 3/8/2013 This is a good idea that does not work or at least mine didn't. The ties all shoot out, don't line up and the cutter doesn't cut. I became very good at manipulating this thing with my first and last usage today. For the price, it's a joke but a good idea. Don't buy this item.
  • Wire Tie Gun

    David Nicholson, 1/7/2013 Very handy device that does not waste any of the loop material. You can control the tension by pulling back on the loop material where it enters the gun. The locking blocks can also be recycled if you ever cut to loop material off.
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