USA Made Canvas Wall Organizer

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USA Made Canvas Wall Organizer
15A02.56 Canvas Wall Organizer

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Keep all your most used tools nearby and at the ready. This large, hanging Tool Organizer is inspired by the American lineman who–while working inside his elevated bucket high above the road–needs every tool at fingertip availability. Our "civilian" version will hold your tools in an equally organized fashion. Constructed from two layers of medium weight canvas, the 16 pockets can easily handle the weight of your hand tools. Four small bellows pockets, a large pocket sized for a notepad, four flat pockets (for items like brushes), five large bellows pockets (for bulky items like a tape measure), two side slots for long stock (dowels, long drill bits), and plenty of loops in the leather strap along the bottom. Hang it on your wall via four brass grommets. Great for anyone who regularly uses a variety of tools, such as carpenters, artists, painters, seamstress's, etc. 31" wide, 36" tall. USA made.

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