USA Made Cotton and PolyCord

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USA Made Cotton and PolyCord
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87A03.07 Olive Waxed Polycord

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87A03.08 Black Waxed Polycord

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87A03.03 Cord Dispenser

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Crafters, handypersons and home repairers know the value of waxed cord--clothing repair, leather repair, making bracelets, etc--the uses are nearly endless. The twisted polycord can even be separated for finer work, such as model boat building.

These come to us from a maker in Maine that has been supplying cobblers and leather workers since 1958, and recently expanded their line to make their material available to the public. We’re pleased to be able to offer them here.

The handy dispenser, made to our specifications, neatly organizes multiple spools of ribbon, cord or twine. It's perfect for wrapping Holiday Gifts. The tubular frame is 6” wide and made of 1/4” diameter stainless steel. Just thread the rod through the center hole of your spools, and screw into the other end of the frame. Simple in design, it’s a perfect example of the kind of helpmate you may not realize you need until you start using it.

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